Strobist technique, cross flash lighting the long version

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micha0001 says:

A nightclub is probably not the same as a still scenery…

rtleeson says:

I rent equipment I use Canon I rented a speedlite flash googled a good tutorial and the results I got for a party were great. You colour temperature idea is brilliant… You’ve helped me get over my fear of shooting mid day too.

rtleeson says:

I rent equipment I use Canon I rented a speedlite flash googled a goo tutorial and the results I got for a party were great. You colour temperature idea is brilliant… You’ve helped me get over my fear of shooting mid day too.

Akkordinator says:

What camera are you using to film the movie? on your strap is written d300 but of course that couldnt be..

nitto1320i says:

impressive.. thanks for tips. im an ameteur and really interested in learning flash photography.. 🙂 hope to see more creative ttips from you. have a nice day.

George Brown says:

I wholeheartedly disagree. TTL is in no way similar to using an automatic setting on your camera. In fact I work regularly as a nightclub photographer and I rely on E-TTL to get the job done. The same goes for other scenarios where dynamic lighting is an issue. I always work in full manual on my camera in nightclubs, but as for flash, you are giving yourself too many variables to work with to a professional standard in that particular environment.

UnDeadKnight1 says:

White balance is over 9000!!!

Chris Levers says:

I had fun watching and learning.

UncleRob199 says:

Couldnt agree more, I got a yongnuo flash and it can be so much fun figuring out both the position and the power for a good shot, despite the fact I’m an amateur, I couldn’t imagine using TTL, it would be a similar feeling to switching back to auto mode on the camera instead of manual. Manual flashes have solid constant settings which never change without you knowing about it

NO0Bstatus says:

Alright, thanks Dom. i appreciate it. great video by the way

Dombowerphoto says:

you can do what ever you want, if you have the money get a good flash if you dont, then just get what you can afford and invest time insted of money into figuring out how to use it. if you have a digital camera and a lcd screen on the back of your camera, you can take a photo and adjust what ever is needed and take the perfect shot the next time.

NO0Bstatus says:

If i’m first starting out in flash photography, should i buy a manual flash for a low price, or a TTL flash for a higher price? People have said that i should know what i’m doing before i buy a manual flash. keep in mind im a beginner. thanks dom 🙂

BigGulp62 says:

Saaaaaweeet tips my friend. Thanks…

Markus Mann says:

Dude, great video, but u need a remote trigger for your cam 😀

jheffhree says:


jheffhree says:

Love this tutorial!

nixland says:

I got a lot of info & knowledge from your videos. Thanks a lot Mr. Eminem … 🙂

iizdownwitthizz says:

Very good tutorial but you sir need am assistant!

R4Snowboarding says:

2:23 ITS OVER 9000!!!

Dombowerphoto says:

increasing the iso would increase the total exposure not just the flash exposure so that would mean the background would get brighter and thus not as saturated, exactly as you have stated. in snowy situations like this there is little reason for high iso as it is usually pretty bright

qwerty123454321666 says:

The white balance is over 9000!!!!!!

MrVoltog says:

LOL he told you

meltdownman1 says:

Dom, ISO newbie question:

With the great noise reduction in today’s camera’s couldn’t you have simply boosted the ISO so you don’t have to use the full power of the flash guns and reduce the shutter speed to get within your camera’s synch speed limits or 1) will that cause the background to wash out in a situation like this and 2) will the dramatic effect that you have in the last set of photos be ruined 3) for snowy background does boosting the ISO cause other problems not discussed here?

danacrj81 says:

Hi, at the last picture, what the shoot speed, 1/3500 @ F16 ? How to calc the exposure with many flash’s, cold used with flash meter to accomplish that ? if you have non nikon flash ?

Dddddorian says:

Well lucky you; I’m on my way over.

marcusboos78 says:

I got seasick while looking at this but i learned something so i quess it was worth it 😉 Thank you!

Rebasandofronteras says:

awesome photos but its still cool aut there (:

Dombowerphoto says:

a ski vacation? this was the hill behind where i live.

Dddddorian says:

It is a bid sad to have gone on a ski vacation by your self but there must have been someone there who would have taken a photo of your self having a good time, if you’d asked around.
Where is the jumping photo?
Didn’t that come out?

sledgeoc says:

Everything you need to know about Kelvin in the photography context you will find in the Wikipedia article about the “Black Body”.

MainVuper says:

Tkx for sharing 🙂

utilitymeekrat says:

OVER 9000!!!

Dombowerphoto says:

yes i am, check out my other videos about nikon cls, the pop up flash communicattes buy a series of pre flashes which are super fast that you dont see them

Dombowerphoto says:

dont take drugs

Dombowerphoto says:

books? how much do you need to know? it goes from a low number to a high number, from orange to blue. there you go now you know all you need to know

edgrrr101 says:

Are you actually controlling the power of the off camera flashes with the flash mounted on your camera’s hot shoe? If so how do the flashes communicate with each other?

Also, I’ve seen somebody do that sort of thing b4 changing the colour balance in camera but I don’t know if it’s possible with my 500d – wouldn’t it be easier to change the white balance afterwards if you shot in RAW, would you get the same effect? Thanks….eD

edgrrr101 says:

Are you actually controlling the power of the off camera flashes with the flash on your camera? If so how does it communicate with the other flashes?

AcXr50 says:

First photo was fucking rad.

sosvocaloid says:

Hope you answer my question:

Is your Camera set to TTL in Commander Mode? Or are you using Manual in Commander mode? OR you are using TTL in Commander Mode but are Manually overriding the flash power in the SB-900?

Khristina Sands says:

you are a great photographer teacher. awesome job!

Cyberskyzero says:

I felt dizzy looking at this video…

jakob3400 says:

Super video,,

zendajohn says:

I have a Canon 550d, as far as I know I can’t set the temperature of the light coming into the camera in kelvin on my camera (without magic lantern installed). Is there any way of doing it apart from the presets like cloudy, incandescent etc?

Thanks, John

LightingShowroom says:

Hope to see more

Teuton1978 says:

exercise taken care of as well with all the running 🙂

ChefWannabeToo says:

do u know of any good books on using the Kelvin scale in photography? thanks

wanbaby88 says:

u looks like pit bull, anyway ur solo photography is awsome

jakob3400 says:

Super ;-).

fefethepilot says:


88Sam8888 says:

Duuude! That’s exhausting! 😀

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