Two Light Portrait Setup

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Kerry from shows how use two lights for portrait shots and then adds in a reflector


DonGanoo says:

Best way to get Rembrant is a single key light from the side opposite a reflector. Cross lighting techniques work wonders in making shots that look like paintings.

Bill Pybus says:

Nice demo of using two lights. Well spoken and presented.

JJJJake124 says:

It wasn’t so bad. Good for beginners. Kinda

beckhead25 says:

look for yongnuo on ebay if you want a cheapie. and get a long ETTL sync cord instead of a wireless trigger to start with. if you’re working in studio, the cord is perfect- don’t get a curly cord though. trust me on that. you want a long straight cord. I bough a lastolite cord and it’s great. I suggest saving the $300 for a canon speedlite (430 ex II is great), I bought one just to try and am so glad I bought a canon because I’ll never have a studio shoot without one now.

beckhead25 says:

I have 2 monitors. one calibrated for web, one for photos. the lighting is perfect in my calibrated screen, blown out on my web monitor. so it’s not the photo it’s your screen calibration (well lack of really) good tutorial.

petenicezz says:

can a 500 watts bulb be use with umbrella lighting

Derek Comer says:

hi, great video, very simple but effective, could you please tell me how you are lighting the white back ground, are you using a continues light on it? and if so, what sort of light. Thanks Derek. i have subscribed because i find your videos, nice and short and to the point GREAT WORK

Lincoshop says:

Depth of Field and Lens effects!
See the wonderful:w w­X_k&feature=plcp

jun ling says:

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Pvtchrislee07 says:

what kinda lens are using also can you tell me a nice speedlight flash to buy with a pocket wizard for someone on budget that will get the job done

Angel Salazar says:

Thanks a lot- this helps! You have a great video and with a equipment that is very affordable.

Angle Bracket says:

I get it. The umbrella is gonna spread it a bit more. Great advice. thanks!

Angle Bracket says:

Yeah I see what you mean. They’re a great starting point. But nowadays I guess pros use a combination of the two. Although I’m told you can lose a bit of light when the umbrella reflects some whereas a softbox tends to contain it more. How do mean more forgiving in terms of angles? From the video I can see you get great results.

Angle Bracket says:

great clip! I guess you could achieve similar results with a softbox configuration although i guess umbrellas and speedlights are easier to manouvre.


lol @:38 are you reaching for an invisible strap lol

delise720 says:

I didn’t even see the flash going off.

ikezz says:

what shutter speed, aperture and ISO you used?

Eric de Jong says:

Yup, just you.

Jewell Bunch III says:

Nice video one question wht size umbrella and speedlights did you use on your shoot

BlueSparrowPhoto says:

I think you’re right.

youroob says:

agree.  HIghlights are a little blown?

michelleacc says:

Is that flash always on? or there’s a lamp behind it?

Jasa Pernikahan dan Pengantin says:

thank you gary for your explain, so cmiiw, one softbox and a flashlight from internal camera is enough to capture a photograph like your did in the last shot in this video, cause i’m learning to shot object in white background here…and its always over exposure…

Jasa Pernikahan dan Pengantin says:

is it same with using a couple of soft box and without reflector ? how much, is the apperture and speed setting, sorry to ask to much cause i’m newbie in study fotography 🙂

solobeme says:

she looks like Casey Anthony.

jsgc says:

Kerry…. wasn;t that last shot a bit overexposed? Seemed a bit hot… Maybe my monitor..

AshtonPhoto says:

1rhett1 – you’re right.
Look at the shape of her face in 0:48.
Now look at the shot in 0:52.

KeithMr5000 says:

whats your f/stop set at?

sabadashi says:

Ohh, thanks! 😀

sabadashi says:

Hey, im a noob at this stuff… does it require to wireless flash triggers to make them work? 

1rhett1 says:

The distortion from that wide angle lens is Horrible, you should know better. Shoot portraits at no less than 50-70mm. Great video though!

Zoidberg227 says:

Do you have continuous lighting going in that left umbrella as well?

artlinkzowey says:

Your teaching videos are amongst the best.

sixtypixies says:

This is really, super helpful! Thank you!

ho444444ney says:

thanx great

johnjr47 says:

Awesome tips

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