Canon 7d Audio Mic test 2 with zoom h4n, Sennheiser ME66, and Azden SGM-2X – DSLR FILM NOOB

or copy the link Just upgraded to a Zoom h4n and that it sync perfectly with the canon 7d, I ran this test to get an idea of what microphone configuration I’ll be using on my next project. The zoom h4n has no sync issues at all, and has a time and date stamp on each file which is great for matching up audio it will be replacing my zoom h4 as my most used field recorder. I have the Zoom h4n set in 4 channel mode so that i can use both microphones and the zoom h4n’s on board mic’s at the same time. Shot at 720p at ISO800 2f lens Nikon Nikkor 50mm 1.4f DFocus follow focus adapter and Indisystems square with 15mm rails


Farhad Musaev says:

ZOOM H4n is very sensitive. It’s very good exponent.

Distefanix says:

The best is zoom h4n

3dmicpro says:

Watch sound test comparison between Sennheiser ME66 and world’s first beamforming mic. array Mitra Beamer Ultra at /watch?v=5FlU2-ah6q4

onelonedork says:

Check out my video on the Zoom h4n v.s. the Tascam DR-40 for more information on mid range field recorders.

Simon Bassong says:

Excuse me Sir please what is the best recorder ?

DCGoodridge says:

Hi. I’m using a Zoom h2n to record in my videos but I’m having a huge problem with background noise. I film outdoors, often in restaurants where people are talking loudly, dishes clanking etc. I really want the audio from my host/interviewer in my videos to come through cleanly, with as little background noise as possible.. Anything suggestions on what else to use along with my Zoom h2n to achieve this would be really helpful.

jamiemacleod92 says:

What do you normally do to your audio in post?

JanulisProductions says:

Nikon lens cap… anyone? anyone at all?

TheNotetime says:

The problem with this set up is Axis on those microphones and distance from the subject this is why it sounds empty and not full. Shotguns are overused indoors and it is a myth that they are for “distance”. The axis of the rig is very poor. if you aim a microphone perpendicular like that in regards to the subjects mouth you are not capturing full level of encircled sound. If that Sennheiser was set up correctly in regards to distance and axis the sound would be so much richer and fuller

onelonedork says:

The audio is exactly what was recorded from each mic. No editing or adjustments.

antonmagzmagoo says:

hi. just wondering, did you do any audio-post on this one? or at the very least bump up levels at post? or was this all raw? thanks :)

ketermedia says:

oddly azden sounded better because voice levels goes down with the background noises

bbcasting says:

Sennheiser ME66 is the best. No comparison.

Aizat Mazlan says:

how awesome is it, using the ME66 paired with the H4n for movie making?

cre8ivelicence says:

Sennheiser is the best as per

951rcguy says:

how do you you sync the audio?

Nathan Hawkins says:

Why can’t I hear the internal noise from the Canon7d on board mic?

chordboard says:

Zoom H4n sounded best. Gave a stereo feel. The mics were too monophonic. Also the canon mic sounded terrible.

Utube6762 says:

To me the Zoom H4n sounded the best. In one of your other videos you said the audio outran teh video over a longer period of time. Would that have happened here had your test been longer. I also noticed in your other video that the H4n waveform and the waveform from the mic connected directly to the camera were never perfectly synched. You mentioned it wasn’t out of synch by much. Was is so little it could not be noticed on the video.

TheyBeBitchen says:

@onelonedork do you have the Azden plugged into anything? I have the SGM-2X and I cant get any acceptable audio with it plugged directly into my Canon T2i

MrMagicCreeper says:

The mic can not by itself, but if you get a recorder with an audio meter then you can plug it in and meter the audio there 😀

Peter Scondras says:

I own the azden 2x and the h4n. I have one small problem but i cant find a solution to it anywhere. When connect to the h4n, the azden’s levels are extremely low. Ive switched though countless settings but nothing changes it. Have you ever had this problem with you set up? Thanks

aDriveByProd says:

lol heck no .. It’s probably the worst. I like the H4n.

ferny107 says:


camcorderguides says:

Hi, can you tell me how much gain you put with the zoom? I have used mics on amps but I had to put the gain quite high just to get enough signal? Thanks

TheIndyfilmer says:

Question: I recently purchased the Azden and am new to audio (Although not to post work) and I am not getting a very good signal to noise ratio. I am getting a lot of ambent sound, even though I know it isn’t expected of the mic. I have tried with my pc and my cam adjusting the audio levels. If I am not within a meter of the mic, I get a poor amount of sound to noise. What do?

meestro says:

It’s usually recommended to use a hypercardiod small condenser mic for indoor use, and the shotguns for outdoor booming.

Imperator Mher says:

which one is the best?

Imperator Mher says:

3 microphones like each others, excepting 7D moard microphone.

Maione685 says:

So could you say that the stock mic on the 7D is a lot better than the others? I mean the sound is way easier to hear, it seems like the other 3 mics are very quiet…

burnsonp says:

Nice book.. I haven’t read that one in a minute.  Thanks for the tests.

Abdelrahman Megahed says:

@onelonedork would u advise buying the azden sgm-2x for both boom and on-camera applications?? or would u advise a better mic?? if so what?

Chris Andonoski says:

wow… i never expected this quality tho… very good mics… the last 2 were even better than the H4N… btw did u use noise cancelling on the H4n? bcoz i heard like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF in the background

easygrip says:

you should do a test like that but with the tv turned on over to the side of you to create some room noise to see how well the mics can differentiate the sound directly in front of it compared with the ambient noise.

Jakub Tilecky says:

I have a 7D and would like to know which microphone either one of these or a Rode would give the clearer audio

CDaveHarvey says:

besides the on board they all sound pretty good.

Deity7777777 says:

zoom h4n… whoever disagrees is a retard with a warped 4head.

nigel101 says:

is ti me or did every mic have a humm or hiss.

BabaganooshFilms says:

what are you plugging the sgm-2x into? i just got it and have been using it with a zoom h2 and it’s picking up a ton of hiss every time.

Ole Hørlück says:

Can I put my Rode Podcaster directly to my Nikon D5100 usb connector? If yes. How?

derangedpranks says:

Lol nice Nikon lens cap on your canon!

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