Photography Tutorial – Landscape Photography, Seascape Photography

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This is a photography tutorial on landscape photography and seascape photography. If you need a photography tutorial that helps you with landscape photography and seascape photography then this is for you.


Ilda Vesna says:

Good afternoon! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (search for it)? My buddy Paula made some awesome pics with their video lessons.

Tim Forrest says:

Awesome how you point out the areas of interest in the video! Thanks for the look from your perspective along with the dialogue.

joshua barnatchia says:


MrMirkoHD says:

Thanks Jamie that was awesome : )

Toby Dingle says:

Excellent images. Going to Hawaii in a week and will use your tips.

EamonnDoylePhotoFilm says:

I think he said “thump” lol

Flo noel says:

just on thing …. : Awesome work !!

theglenneth says:

2:17? Did he just say”Bingo…Fuck”… or have I had the earphones in too tight! Hahahaa. Good vid though. Cheers.

startphotography says:

Photography is such a beautiful form of art. Great video.

XxGluie says:

what time is this?

lgclmcc says:

would u know what setting it is to get this shot if you’re using a canon eos? coz i think your setting is for nikon isn’t it?

OlechMak says:

amazing shots

Keson Tay says:

great video! i love the pov presentation and the pictures are great! 🙂

Paddlefeet says:


josephinemcmorrow1 says:

I agree I would have used that brilliant sunset.

imjustlivin says:

Bravo. You taught me soooo much. Thank you.

Patricia Ferreira says:

Hi! For those shots what was the aperture and the exposure time? Did you used any filters for that? When I’m shooting seascape photography some of my photos are to bright .. do you do more than one exposure and then put them together (a bit like HDR) ?

Peter Chinnock says:

Stunning photos buddy! Did you use any filters?

Mr40up says:

Both those shots are totally awsome , well done mate.

John doe says:

how did you not see the HUGE sunset right in front of you x] haha

seanstar9 says:

Great work Jamie. Can you tell us the type of filter used and also any post processing?

michaelbb64 says:

Great video, What Beach was it ?

Giuseppe Basile says:

Hey Jamie, i live in Sydneys North west around 30 mins from the cbd. When are you heading over?? dont forget we get sunrises in our seascapes here not sunsets…..Lets hope your an early riser

jpatersonphotography says:

Hi Joe, I’m actually in Sydney soon after spending some time at Cradle Mountain. Where in Sydney are you?

Giuseppe Basile says:

Another cool video Jamie. Just watched all of you vids back to back. Very inspiring stuff….If your ever in Sydney would love to meet up for a shoot. BTW i shoot with a 5dmk11 + 17-40 + filters.


JoTerified says:

Great shots

f0sin says:

I’m living in Switzerland. We certainly have some lakes and rivers, but they are nothing compared to a beautiful Australian seaside. Maybe that’s why so many people in Switzerland are choosing Australia for their main holiday destination. =)

I have uploaded some pictures a few years ago, but they’re not nearly as well made as yours. When I’ve uploaded some newer stuff, I’d gladly show them to you. Until then I’m looking forward to your coming videos. Thanks in advance =)

jpatersonphotography says:

Hi Marcus, thanks very much for that. 🙂

jpatersonphotography says:

Thanks for that. The first one is kind of growing on me though. Its more soothing and calm.

jpatersonphotography says:

Thank you. Where are you? Have you got any examples of your photography? Surely you have rives and lakes? 🙂

Mark Tripp says:

really cool shots

seacoastlife says:

Jamie, great stuff and I love the way you present. Yeah, I think the second shot was the best too. Thanks very much!

26dragon93 says:

Ok, thanks, what filter did you use.

f0sin says:

i’m always getting so jealous when i see the beautiful locations you’ve been to. damn central europe, no coasts nearby. 😉

thank you for the tutorial. just another brilliant video with beautiful pictures at the end!

nerxboy says:

thanks for the fast reply 😀
i’m really frustrated about the fact i can’t get a hold of LEE filters in my country… do you have any experience with COKIN filters whatsoever?

jpatersonphotography says:

Hi Nerx.I’m using the Lee filter holder along with Lee 4×6 filters and Singh Ray filters. 🙂

jpatersonphotography says:

Most definitely using a filter shots like this would be almost impossible to get without one.

nerxboy says:

jamie is so awesome. incredible location as well. im so jealous 😛
what kind of a filter holder are you using? cokin? is it the z-pro series?

26dragon93 says:

Amazing photos, i think the second one is better, but both amazing.
Where you using a filter?

lopezae33 says:

amazing, i like them both but that second one is my favorite!! thanks!!!!!

jpatersonphotography says:

No problems at all.

fritzov says:

great tutorial.  Thanks.

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