Torres del Paine landscape photography, patagonia

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Join Bruce Percy on a photographic journey through Chile’s Torres del Paine national park.


rostam69 says:

Thanks for the tips, going there this coming February, beautiful shots, great idea for long exposures.

peggypapadatos says:


peggypapadatos says:


jalicianunez says:

Wow!! Just beautiful, and amazing photos

ChristinaPfeiffer says:

Stunning photography.

Fons Smeets says:

Wow…WOW…speechless. Thank you for sharing those incredible and inspiring pictures!

Itamar Chavez says:

This is AMAZING. i am from Punta Arenas….and you made me cry…i miss my land.

Geraldine Forster says:

Awesome.. just so so beautiful !

steverphotographer says:


CHILE365 says:

Hermosas fotos.

dentonbar says:

At what times where sunrise and sunset in march?? as i will visit the place this year, you photos inspired me to go.

Giacomo Netto says:

Beautiful place, beautiful photos!

taffydonicke says:


Mary Altini says:

Where ever you look one thing is sure! The spectacle is worth looking at…

brmcdeathcab44 says:

Amazing photos! What song did you use?

Oder1001 says:

stunningly beautiful

mysterious5 says:

Absolutely beautiful

drpsrinivasan says:

Glad, I stumbled upon your work as part of my research about the region. I plan to be there in 2012 for photography.

katto2012 says:

Beautiful.VIVA CHILE!!!

brucepercy says:

Thanks, but it’s not ‘anyways’, it’s ‘anyway’ ! LOL!

latinkulta says:

very nice. still I cant understand why its so hard english speakers to pronounce spanish names, it sounds so wierd with your accents. Great video anyways.

MsMisisisim says:

Que bello trabajo!

tuss234 says:

Fantastic photos beautifully done.
Whats the accompanying music called.

surjendumukhopadhyay says:

Stunning…Fantastic work…

AziraTomsk says:

view as to the Altai in Russia

Enrico Pelos says:

Bruce, just simply an amazing work

shutterjunkee says:

brilliant!!! i cant wait to be there!!!

martin kriz says:

compliments! this is very nice work. very nice

callmeBe says:

Thanks for the lovely images and narration. I hope you are able to do more on this subject. I also hope you are capturing these images on at least digital medium format–I’m only guessing that digial large format would be an extreme challange with such constant wind.  Many regards!

snap99999 says:

bravo !!!!!!

erictjie says:

well done Bruce. i hope one day i have the chance to be there and take lots of photos, but hiking with heavy equipments is back breaking,iam not sure i can do that.

UserTGA says:

Just great. I’m so jealous !!

pixelinduced says:

Just beautiful Bruce.. the narration and slideshow made it so much more awesome experience to take the journey with you. Excellent Bruce on all 4 video and of course the photography.

What was the music?

mikmapdwg says:

wow…absolutely fantastic. Good for you. One day I will get there.

johanayale says:

que linda es mi tierra no? I`am from puerto natales

Raffazion says:

amazing!! is beautiful place!

mastercheer says:

Is my country….
My land…


Diego Fernandez says:

it´s a impressive and fantastic place, great work…

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