GIMP 2.6 tutorial for beginners – Fly Apart Image

or copy the link GIMP tutorials photo editing. This GIMP tutorial demonstrates how to make an image appear as if it is flying apart. The tips and tricks in this tutorial can be useful for other drawings as well. GIMP version 2.6.11 was used for this video. GIMP website http



Thanks for sharing. That was very helpful. I ‘m just starting out and its been a while since I’ve used this program. But that was an awsome job.

s13s13s says:

U r Greaaaaaaaat ^.^

boxeriain says:

aww man this is fantastic! thanks so much for taking the time to help us losers

Thraxsis115 says:

yea what he said

JaReDJaVeLiN says:


Thraxsis115 says:

you should show a more updated version of gimp

Michael Kroenlein says:

Ok, LOVE, your presentation work, fast enough to not drone, but slow enough to be able to follow, and learn from. BUT FIRST, I just got GIMP downloaded on my HP 2000 laptop Notebook, and for me to play, I have to get a picture on the screen to play with. I tried to drag and drop from “My Pictures”, but it won’t take. What am I doing wrong. I love the looks of this program, I’m here because I need your help. Thanks 🙂

Jason Muñoz says:

wow that was really easy! now I had a question since I saw the first part of the video: Why are you using win xp?

Иван Сидоров says:

How to Make animated Pop Up for photo in Gimp ???
As here –

kristoffer larga says:

you are so very nice teacher on gimp i wish you make more tutorial session download in you tube thank you very much i always watch you in you tube..

chris harper says:

Excellent video trainer ……thanks

camelchor says:

You are an excellent teacher!! I dont speak english very well and also I’m new with Gimp but I understand everything you said. Thanks

Narasimha Mukund savadatti says:

Thanks for this Tutorial and I loved your presentation which is very clear . I am a just beginner in GIMP and I am just loving it

kodemasterx says:

Thanks awesome tutorial

tutor4u says:

I have a video called “GIMP tutorials photo editing – Background Removal” that might help.

Kaylyn Claypoole says:

How do you delete the back round if it’s not a solid color? Help.

Rafael Martinez says:

great, great!!! thnks

Scarulu D'C says:


potterjim says:

Very good instruction. I have just started with Gimp and will find your help very interesting as I move along.

xBloodXGusherx says:

That must be your hot wife.

raynedrop0130 says:

Good tutorial, thanks for putting it out there.

digishahin says:

Real good…! but you should used wind effect on moving broken pieces to create the sense of movement rather than the model who is still.

anzakson says:

Excellent tutorial! You have the correct pace and articulation. We are a whole spectrum of people who dont have English as their first language. Its very important for my learning to understand everything that you teach. I learned a lot from this tutorial already. I get so frustrated with tutors who rush through a video tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and making thet efforts. Please keep up your excellent work. Take care!

firstklassentkrushtv says:

cool u know how to do overlays for magazines

rainbowjesse18 says:

SO COOL!! Thank you!! X3

THEqupER says:

thx again, I just made this pic
tinyurl com / cpfcpvp

urxheroinxlette says:

Is there anyway you can do it without removing the picture from the original background??

Judie OldKoloa says:

Nice video and easy to follow. Have you done any video’s on restoring old photos? I have a tintype that I have digitized and I need to restore it. Maybe you have a link that would help. Thanks!

Wyatt Richardson says:

Hey nice! But it would be very helpful if you put in a link for the images that you use, thanks.

shortmocha22 says:

Can you make a video showing how to make a person anime well just give them anime eyes?

Kazik Palec says:

great video – your tutorials cause, that awesome effects at the end are so easy to manage! 🙂

Kaqome says:

What if the size of the image slows down the reactor’s speed? This is happening frequently now, as opposed to drawing on a new separate window (i.e. 500 x 600). Tile cache doesn’t solve the problem 90% of the time either.

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