GIMP 2.8 Tutorial – Pressed Text

or copy the link GIMP Text Effects. This GIMP tutorial demonstrates how to make Pressed text. GIMP version 2.8.0 was used for this video. This is a good tutorial for beginners. GIMP website http



I dont even need to watch the video. I can follow his instructions easily just enabling audio. I think he ( It) is a robot lol

Carlos B Rich says:

BEST TUTORIAL Well spoken, taught SO clearly! I am NEVER going to another channel for my GIMP tutorials, YOU are the MAN!!! Subbed liked and shared!

j0kup0ika says:

OMG this is awesome ! Thank you so much !!! subbed and liked 🙂

Noah Hutchins says:

Is it possible to make a GIMP image my cover on Facebook? I tried changing it directly, but the cover photo is staying the same.

Hubert Wyszyński says:

Great tutorial – easy to do and very well explaind. thx

Sabina Hägglund says:

Hello please reply to this … Do you have a video you vissar how to download or make your own brushes in gimp? I accidentally delete ALL my brushes.

tutor4u says:

Click on the “Windows” menu, at the top of the GIMP window, and you should see “Recently Closed Docs” and “Dockable Dialogs.” One of these should help.

clairejiali says:

I don’t have the layer thingy. (on the right) and can somebody help me to get it back?

islandgirl4evr says:

If your Toolbox totally disappeared, another way is to reset your Gimp. There is a tutorial for it but make sure it’s the new one & not the old one, which doesn’t help at all. GL

islandgirl4evr says:

Done. Played & created my new wood texture & now will play making fabrics. This is so much fun. Hope to see more tutorials. Do you have one using Gimp on creating Blended Ice? Hope it makes sense…lol. Thanks.

islandgirl4evr says:

Awesome! I LOVE all of your tutorials & now will use the skills I’ve learned in order to create wood textures. Thanks. Have a great day. 🙂

EverBadDesigns says:

Hey guys If you could do me a huge favour and check out my channel- I will be doing tutorials on how to make avatars, backgrounds, wallpapers, effects and a lot of other things! So drop me a subscription and i will love you forever!
~EBD~ (btw I do free avatars for practicing my techniques, so don’t hesitate to ask.)

suomiboy12 says:

For helping me i will give u a sub!!! :DDDDd

AnimalLovers626 says:

Go to “Windows” and click on “Single-Window Mode”

dudedude278 says:


Roberto Tamburrino says:

gimp,inkscape,blender,scribus ,ubuntu uahuu …

MiiKu7861 says:

how did you get the toolbox merged on the editing space ?

55whiteknight86 says:

Great video. Can you use that for a heading of a web page. Or something like that

James Anderson says:

WOW! I thought this effect was going to be super complex to create. I should stop manually building my drop shadows and use he drop shadow tool. Bump mapping is AWESOME!

Allison Jones says:

Is there a way to fill the text with your own image?

Nicolás Perondi says:

this is great, thank you very much man

LR R says:


Siraad Garanae says:

Hey, my tools options such as pattern fill and gradient tools doesnt show on the left, where else can I find them?

iColeProductions says:

Thanks, that was cool 🙂

pokemonhpax says:

thank you that was awesomee

BHLGaming00 says:

hey im on this gaming site bhl and can you show me how to do 3d effects like make a name 3d?

Donato Dongogo says:

thank for this tutorial …is great

Abin Jose says:

thanks.. n add more videos

tocodelray says:

WOW this is an excellent tutorial. Thank you very much for your time in posting this. And HOW did you do it all in one take? I didn’t notice a single mistake?
like/sub for clarity and usefulness!

Lagartija219 says:

Very nice indeed! Thanks for sharing!

Ruest André says:

Merci beaucoup Pour vos vidéos , elles sont merveilleuses . en plus avec la nouvelle version ,Même avec la difficulté de comprendre votre langue ; j’y arrive .Merci
Cordialement. 🙂

Kevin Hamilton says:

Whoa, this is a great effect. Wonderful tutorial as well. Thanks.

Vash Enigma says:

Yo, if i wanted to press an emblem in, like the gear of war emblem, how would i do that?

arinium says:

This is awesome! Excellent and easy to understand tutorials.

McClair672 says:

Thanks for your time and talent. Your voice is clear, your rate of speech is good, and your overall pace is awesome!

Mark Robins says:

where did you get them?

Mark Robins says:

Your instructions and voice are very clears and pleasant.

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