GIMP Basics Part 1

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This tutorial is on GIMP Basics. Gimp is a photoshop substiture. The tutorial covers the scale, crop, cut with transparency, flip, and rotate commands. It was created by Mike Lively of Northern Kentucky University


bodrew12 says:

Well that was a bit harsh.

Armando Acuna says:

I need more advanced than this,,,,

TheSanjayCool1 says:

I hope that you dont stil use Internet Explorer because its slow and on Windows XP. The newest Version of Internet Explorer on Windows XP is not good for the Internet. So please use Google Chrome. Its Really Faster!

jishixia says:

gimp really pisses me off. takes me hours just to edit a dam picture. There is no selection tool. Photoshop is more user friendly.

Brittany Penman says:

this shit made me laugh so hard. I thought the same shit XD

shshdyhdcffvgg says:

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Eric Johnson says:

Thank you!!

samappleipadgeek says:

U don’t need to say how to download it. If we have searched “tutorial” we already have it, dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!

SystemNetworks says:

Please take a look at my vid too. Its new!

Sibi Prabakaran says:

Nice tutorial.

Sibi Prabakaran says:

Nice tutorial.

theyasin33 says:

How can I change the pixels and also how can I make the picture be the same in all sizes. Like if I wanted it to be a perfect square?

bittboxs says:

Explorer 6 ofc!

TedRonzoni says:


trollalolololol says:

its the mother of internet, Respect it!!

RudyTheViking says:

It’s not really that they are “moronic hipsters”, it’s probably the fact that internet explorer is notoriously shit. 😛

tzkelley says:

Get over the Internet Explorer thing you moronic hipsters. I’ve got all the major browsers on my machine and they all have pros and cons. I generally use Explorer (unless I’m on YouTube and want to block ads) because it puts a lot of great tools into one package. If you can’t get beyond a browser choice to see the content being presented then you’re probably to stupid really use GIMP anyway.

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TheRedrick25 says:

t’was 2008

zk453 says:

try the pencil

uberl33t367 says:

the brushes are too big even the 1 i wanna make a mc texture pack 🙁

justin jennings says:

thats called empathy, which is a great skill
unlike that bullcrap ego stretcher “sympathy”
which comes naturaly and is mostly faked

BladesOfMunch says:

Oh, thank you! I usually prefer to reflect on the reality of what people have to go through. Isn’t it nice when things are made significantly easier? In this case, GIMP doesn’t bother and it provides you everything you need. The folks who made GIMP understand their client base.

justin jennings says:

i love your very enthusiastic comment
which is also progressivly critical

joshua pettaway says:

U sound retarted

flixitval says:

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Tyrel Boehm says:

Nice well structured tutorial. Thanks!

beansemo says:

thxs! JUst the kind oF tutorials I was looking 4!!!! your awesome.

pbezunartea says:

“Symmetrically” meaning “proportionally” right?

Great video, thanks for posting! 

RainDhrop says:

hit the button that looks like a cross

ticarcillin says:

excellently explained, even I got the hang of it! THANK you!

André Reis Guimarães says:

He uses internet explorer!!! O.O

kolmilyo says:

very informative and logical.
are you a teacher?
you sure are one good one if you are.

BladesOfMunch says:

I love how GIMP includes all the most useful tools into a single package. Who the hell needs to download a demo – and then put up with the months of “Please by full package…” paraphrased signs? I could very easily recommend GIMP to anyone, and I’ve barely begun using it!
This is a good tutorial; I appreciate the voice over being alert, at a steady pace and enthusiastic.

PavleCar1 says:

internet explorer? really!

Somberwhispers says:

Hey, I was just following your tutorial and when it comes to cropping with transparency I follow your steps, but my results are different. Instead of cutting to transparency, my program wants to cut to white background. How do I fix this?

bronterae1 says:

Great help ..Thankyou soo much ^^

charadeyouareha says:

awesome thank you.

daichi2097 says:

@charadeyouareha: From the Windows menu in GIMP, select “Layers, Channels, paths…” – that should do it.

charadeyouareha says:

can anyone tell me why I can’t find a dialogue box? I’m using 2.6.11

Ahmad Hikmat says:

🙂 “redoes”… lool.. very helpful and well explained :-). thanx man, university of Kentucky delivers IT leaders 🙂

justaordinaryguy says:

Thanks for the step-by-step, explicit walk-through!

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