Hak5 – DSLR Video Hacks! DIY Google TV, Shannon’s favorite portable apps, Ubuntu FTP servers

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This time on the show Jason joins us to talk DSLR video hacks and homebrew Google TV. Shannon brings us her favorite portable apps, and Jackie and Darren tackle your questions concerning secure FTP, Ubuntu Server, and document stealing with USB Dumper.


Themayseffect says:

im late on this show -_-

xBloodXGusherx says:


Moy2005 says:

if i make my own google tv… i’m making it out of a cardboard box 😀

Moy2005 says:

ya me too, but thats why i come here to see what i don’t know. and try to find out how to master so i can become a better nerd 😀

SortMySystem says:

1024×680 px 24bit FFDS compression 21fps gives 41642kbps — 23secs is 110Mb – its a recording of the streamed live view.

now someone needs to hack it to record to CF card

SortMySystem says:

: // valexvir. narod. ru/ – ver 0.3.1 works perfectly on a 40D, remember to save your file before clicking write.
: // sourceforge. net/ projects/ eos-movrec/

thanks for reminding me, the first versions didn’t work well so i forgot 🙂

delatroy says:


mobilephone2003 says:


po3aj says:

I wish I was the microphone on snub’s chest 😀

Philip Bool says:

Nice you guys have very good taste in beer. The old P is the best !

kungfumaster12 says:

gotta get my SNUB-Lust.. 🙂

Veggi229 says:

Cutting onions SUCK!! I feel yea, man.

vention4wh says:

LOL! You and me both. I was a geek before it was cool but changed careers 16 years ago. Now I’m a truly amazing diesel mechanic but I’ve lost SO much of my geek powers! Oh well, something lost and something gained. I still love high tech gizmos though.

Daniel Montoya says:

Smithwhicks is pronounced “smitticks”

jason mosler says:

Ill assume yo meant Amiga…

vancar6 says:

Amega OS!
6 : 33!
Or obnox XD

MrTommyTinkles says:

That PikPik app looks fucking baller. Want something similar for Ubuntu. Feel like I sound like a linux elitist when I say that. Let’s call it Ubbs instead. Want a version for my ubbs.

MrTommyTinkles says:

You need to be a bit more polite, mate. You could just not say anything if you don’t like something.

Bloomengns says:

jeeez go install Cyrillic fonts you noob…

mafbbb says:

loser =( shame on you… really 3rd view ?! you need to be the 1rd view

noobontouR1337 says:

For screen capture I prefer ZScreen, you should really review that 🙂

experimental0000 says:

it’s not been bad for me, that was the only time it happened to me, but sometimes others report viruses in the reviews. but the never used it since was the unlocker program. I wasn’t as clear on that part as I should have been I use cnet quite a bit if I need to download or research

Bruceification73 says:

:/ weird. cnet has always been secure for me.

experimental0000 says:

I really liked unlocker,didn’t use it a ton but it came in handy. however after an update it had a virus and I had to do some major cleaning to fix it since it was supposed to be prechecked by cnet downloads. never used it since

experimental0000 says:

well if they don’t make google tv open source for the code (since android and such is also open source) they can get into some hot water for DRMing the code and violating theGPL like apple did with a vlc app for their iphone.

djmarcos702 says:

Yeas when we see Shannon the clapping starts lol

fastjp72 says:

Sure I will take a London Pride beer Darren, why thanks!
The Clap! ROFL!

SalchichaPolaca says:


DaBossk says:

5:12, “its Russian,,, yahhhhhhh” and that dumbbitch at the end needs to stop drawing on her eyebrows. sick!

stickeater12 says:

omg darren dont drive under the influence

Adrian Durso says:

Haha I do the clap thing also and I have a kodak with is awesome for recording small screens for stuff like iPods and phones

TheOriginalSapience says:

Nice bullseye

dastrman2 says:

@Hak5Darren Dude better yet, don’t get a T2i get a 60D. You get a solid feel and a swivel screen for an extra 120 dollars. Need I say more? And Nice Tamron Lens.

gamehero77 says:

I know! Puts my geekiness to shame

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