How To: Flash Duration – Skateboarding Photographer Sam McGuire- In Focus

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Sophie Soviana says:

Good afternoon! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My cooworker Jackie made some extraordinary pictures with their video lessons.

TACyadig says:

Please keep making these, very helpful.

Qzyxya says:

When will the camera fire the flash? Since the flash only goes for a small amount of tiem does it go right as you click the shutter and then leave the shutter open, or do it in the midde or end or what? What if you did like two flashes in a long exposure? is that possible (like having it go off twice in a 2 second exposure)

CaP17A says:

You would expose your flashes correctly and lower your shutter speed to 1/15-1/40 of a second. Lower than that creates the effect where the skater is almost a “ghost” which can look cool but thats not what your going for.

Qzyxya says:

How does this compare with the normal flashes (dont know the terminology) that have the hot shoe mounts? Like the canon ex 580 and all. Do those all just take the same shutter speed as your camera is shooting? If you shoot at like 1/60th of a second, how would you get that look where the flash freezes the person, but the backgroudn is blurred?Would the flash go for 1/60th of a second or would it go for like 1/200th and then the rest of the time is exposing the background and other parts?

PoachedEggsOnWheels says:

so if it said T 0,5 thats T 5 right?

SethBortner says:

Is there a time where it’s better to use a slower flash duration?

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ImproveYourSkateVids says:

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zegers84 says:

Never thought about flash duration. I’ll put that in practice.

111danielp111 says:

no shit sherlock

Igor Salcov says:

u need a high speed sync

111danielp111 says:

i use the exact same man, in the day time i usually stop my f stop to like f9 and then just have my flashes on the highest output. im still only able to sync at 1/200th though 🙁

Bricksta88MoB says:

its a film fisheye

Nauzet Gaspar says:

Nikkor AF 16mm f/2.8D??

santiphotovid says:

that is really helpful! every video of this section! but i got a question do they sell another action packs not that expensive? thanks!

breakingbeatz says:

Well explained! Thanks again for this!

snowman9119 says:

I’m using two yongnuo YN460-ii and by NO means is this a decent setup but it was all I could do for my budget. It gets the job done but I’m getting motion blur during the day with it. So I need to do some experimenting.

Ryan Leigh says:

Get Mike Blabac for one of these! He’s the DC filmer

Kieran Berry says:

What fisheye is he using?

Hakim Wuhied says:

im out of budget now and thinking of using 3 yongnuo yn560 speedlite. what do u think ?

niggaswithtriggas says:

Paul C Bluff Einsteins!

Kosy Yamamoto says:

need more of these!! awesome!

Steven Barchus says:

I shoot natty light 12/3.5 sUn

Buku9 says:

@sammatime247 Definitely. By no means was I trying to talk down on the episode. As I said, it certainly has been the most useful one thus far. Certainly do understand doing it the way you did though. Bummer on how unreliable those lumey’s are. Wishing they’d make a more reliable product. Shipping them back every few months is a nightmare.

Sam McGuire says:

I agree, we just figured it’d make most sense to emphasize what was being used at the time and then people could apply the info to the flash’s they bought. Lumedyne’s are amazing but they are expensive and break all the time. All the one’s you mentioned are awesome stuff and has a ton of all you mentioned for super cheap in good condition too, for anyone reading this.

Buku9 says:

Definitely one of the better ones. As mentioned, it was a lot nicer to include example images. Atiba’s was good, but definitely hyped up that Hasselblad system. The Lumedyne system is being rather emphasized with these too. I wish they would have put in cheaper alternatives for kids getting into it. Sunpak 555’s, Vivitar 285’s, and old Nikon SB’s (SB 24, 25, 26, 28) are all great cheaper alternatives for those just starting or on a budget. Keep the good episodes coming!

moe29 says:

Thanks for showing the pictures made while shooting the video of the setup. It really helps to see the outcome of how you were shooting! I see great improvement in each episode!!

Maybe add EXIF data onto the still images, or place it in the video description?
(more tech and longer episodes!) 🙂 Keep up the great work.

Shockieh Shockie says:

1/1700 is good? 300 Ws of power… the bulb is 50W

SpecialBlendForum says:

This one and Barton’s are my favorite so far cause they gave great examples.

MrZlic says:

thanks for the advise. i bought a speed-light without knowing the flash duration.. it sucks

RapidR3 says:

very helpful dude 

roxx0n says:

thanks for the tut

seanannerholic says:

mhm… got it all

Thesgfire says:

nice vid!

RisoCOD says:

u mad bros ?

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