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San Francisco wedding photographer at We believe that your wedding day has the potential for being the greatest experience of love in your life. We bring not only attention to you having an opportunity to fully experience your day and the depth and range of your emotions — joy, excitement, anticipation, delight, love — also a decade of experience capturing it. The result is authentically beautiful photographs that serve as a doorway for you to access the full experience of love for the rest of your life. Wendy K Yalom is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer gifted at capturing people in life and in love. Her work has been featured in Grace Ormonde Weddings, Modern Bride, San Francisco Magazine, 7×7 and Yoga Journal. In addition to her passion as a photographer, Wendy is committed to all of humanity falling madly in love and to capturing a life of self-discovery & transformation. She is often moved to tears by the beauty of love and life and is delighted that you are curious about having her capture yourself, your family or your event brilliantly and authentically. http San Francisco Wedding Photographer – Bay Area Wedding Photography – Wedding Photography San Francisco.


Bree-Ann MadisonBree-Ann says:

Hey! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My mate Becky made some amazing pics with their video lessons.

wendykyalom says:

@KatieDauser, my pleasure COMPLETELY!!!

Katie Dauser says:

Wendy added a special spark to our super special day – she is a love & will help you capture all the special moments in just the right way! Thanks Wendy 🙂

wendykyalom says:

Thank you!

wendykyalom says:

My honor and totally pleasure. It has been a joy to capture so many special moments in your life – your wedding, Liyana’s pregnancy and those early family photos!

wendykyalom says:

absolutely! find it on our website listed above.

wendykyalom says:

Thank you!

wendykyalom says:

doing great!! Thank you Peter!

wendykyalom says:

@arthuralone, they are!!

wendykyalom says:

Thank you!! be sure to visit our blog!

gulabot says:

i opened this viedo cuz i saw 66666 visits 0.0

newplayerstation says:

first dislike !! >:)

John James says:

Oh my oh my… I’m contacting you please response at your earliest convenience

jamjonjonful says:

Fantastic! Her works are really top class!

rdizon5 says:

I love your w0rk!

jmcz21 says:

Perfect just perfect!

lukerayman says:

Wow! looks really really great. Keep it up!

arthuralone says:

The couple looks so sweet.

iguessitsalright1 says:

Its one of those days when you need every special moment captured. Not that it would slip out of your mind but seeing it in pictures and videos would be way way better. This lady can do that for you.

letmegohometoyou says:

Wonderful.. just wonderful..

justsavemetan says:

Like! Like! Like!

withoutYouIam0 says:

Sweet! I’ll check out the website now

mannytampil says:

Stupendous! I hope one day this kind of pictures captured on camera will include me and my girl.

manofsteve says:

Can I get your email?

peterjunelaser says:

Best photographer ever!!! How are you doing Wendy?

justinmerry10 says:

I love this girl’s work!! you rock!!

lomirighto says:

Just dropping by to say thank you and continue the great work that you are doing.

damienwright22 says:

Wendy is a very professional photographer. She gave us all the right stuffs. Thank you for capturing the moments that me and wife would cherish forever.

dannyT118 says:

Excellent shots! This is great stuff!

maxiepompey says:

I love your work and I recommend it to everyone who needs perfect moments in their wedding captured in a beautiful way.

MrPaultucson says:

I’d love to have you capture our loveliest moment.

greenace1111 says:

Superrr!! This is really cool. I like your service. I’ll surely contact you sometime soon. I’m setting things up for the big day.

ordepaloyol says:

I love what I see. Great job!

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