The ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking | Basic Tutorial

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A tutorial by Fenchel & Janisch Facebook: YouTube: This introduction to DSLR video is divided into six parts. Learn how to set up your camera, shoot in daylight and at night. This tutorial shows you how to get the cinematic film look that so many people are talking about. In the fall of 2008 Vincent Laforet was the first one to use the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which was the first digital SLR capable of recording full HD video. The short film he shot mostly at night, called “Reverie”, become popular over night. Something that Canon never intended got more and more in focus of amateur filmmakers all over the world: Shooting films and commercials with a stills camera. It only took a few month and the first accessories were released. Since then a lot has happened and a lot of TV shows like “House MD” or “CSI Miami” used DSLRs on set. Philip Bloom, another pioneer in digital filmmaking, used cameras on the Lucas Film production “Red Tails”. The small body and the great image quality has fascinated international acclaimed cinematographers like Rodney Charters (“24”). In independent cinema those cameras became indispensable. Questions: ETHIC STATEMENT: Fenchel & Janisch GbR is not affiliated with any of the companies shown or named in this video. © 2012 by Fenchel & Janisch Filmproduktion GbR


Dieje says:

One of the best, most compiled videos I have seen for beginners. Thank you.

Dmitry Kosov says:

50mm is 50mm on any sensor… you only get different frame size. Roughly speaking, with 50mm lens with DX sensor you’d get the same photo as with ~75mm lens with FX sensor. Sincerely yours, Captain Obvious.

FarryEntertainment says:

Hi, I have a Canon 550D but I dont understand how to change the settings for video mode. Can you help please?

pinguloide says:

are you talking about 50mm on a dx or fx sensor?

Ken Blystone says:

Very good. Thank you.

laviezen says:

super vidéo, mais peut on avoir une version en français ? merci

Aruna Shrimal says:

Very Useful Video. Thanks.

OrangeNincha says:

I just love your videos! Thanks

BTechTalk says:

This was excellent! Great job.

SuperMayot says:

Slow voice, pure happiness, I can understand all that is said ! Good

dstellybsa says:

Helpful info. Thank you!

Angie Zambrano M. says:

I appreciate these videos, thanks!

Beshar AL Azzawi says:

I have the Canon 50mm f/1.4 and always find it difficult to stabilize the image when using a steadicam!! Its not the case when using the kit lens that comes with the EOS 600D. Could you please tell me, apart from a tripod, what do you use to have a smooth stabilized image when using a prime lens?

Manuela Tosi says:


ReubenUltimaWong says:

I would buy your lessons if you have these on a DVD.

MrReltec says:

Thanks for this. It made a lot of things easier and was easy to understand.

stoeptegel50 says:

No, it’s a great camera, but if you don’t know which lens is good for it, it might be 2 advanced for you. A good lens I own myself is the: 17-55mm 2.8 IS, it’s all you need.

PaulTheillusionist says:

Thank you so much!

SmearStar says:

This is gold. Iloveyou. soomuch

mamananau says:

Man oh man wir Deutschen haben echt den miesest-klingenden englischen Dialekt^^

cl89521 says:

Thanks very much for the great video tutorial! Getting a D7000 soon, for still and video, plus underwater. I enjoy your videos very much and this video in particular is great for a newb like me, shooting DSLR video.

Anil Shahi says:

Thanks buddy!!
Keep it up

Tony Serrati says:

Nice explanation perfect i learn every day i look those videos keep working guys nice work

DingDongNEss1 says:

i have a t3i and its really confusing when i scroll to the camera logo and change the setting it is changed in manual exposure. what do i need to do i like your video but i am still confused what does the small dial do? i have that set at 30

Aldi Rinaldy says:

My DSLR doesn’t has manual video mode, what should i do ?

Emile van Zeeland says:

Great! Would like a bit more about the bokeh part.

apkinsphoto says:

great video! thank you

ronwandell says:

Your videos are always great. Thank you for making this.

TheAbbador says:


ThrillZeekers says:

7d can be fine but better option would be a canon 550d, 60d or 5d, because you can hack it with magic lantern

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