Canon DSLR kit lens upgrade group test

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Full review at: : A ten minute video tour comparing the three most popular upgrade options for the Canon 18-55mm DSLR kit lens, by Gordon Laing, Editor of To find out more about these lenses and how their quality compares, see our full review by clicking the link at the start of this text.


Jeffrey Walder says:

thanks for the info, helps me out
happy new year

cameralabs says:

Hi jeff, it depends how far away the action is. Something like a 70-300mm zoom would be flexible, but if you can afford it, something brighter would be better like a 70-200mm f2.8. Or a cheaper fixed prime, like an 85mm f1.8, 135mm f2.8, 200mm f2.8 etc. Lots of options! Check out my recommended Canon lens guide in the lenses section at cameralabs . com

Jeffrey Walder says:

meery xmas gordon, i,m new to dslr cameras looking to purchase the canon 650d body
looking at a efs lense to take sporting shots on a soccer field, what lense would you recommend for this, many thanks on your informative videos
regards jeff


sir can u remake this video in 2012…..

UnsUpt says:

STM = stepper motor technology
it´s better, faster and silent focus

DikkieDikism says:

I owe you one seriously, i just bought my first dslr, i know the basics like apature – shutterspeed and iso, how they relate to each other etc.
And perhaps i also know some of the more indepth things, however i noticed how hard it is to figure our focuslength when i try to bring everything into focus (especially on manual mode)

Seems like a minor gripe but your simple explanation on differences in lenses for beginners, the pros and cons – it really helped me decide what i want as an upgrade!

mictory22 says:

what is stm?

UnsUpt says:

Gordon!! you need to upgrade this video to 2012..
18-135, 15-85 etc…

UnsUpt says:

If you will buy it.. consider STM version…

sherbear196 says:

Thank you for being so clear and concise in your video as well as convering so much material. I wish that other You Tube postings would be the same.

cameralabs says:

I sure am!

Emily Wolf says:

Hello! He’s Gordon Laing editor of CameraLabsdotCom!

Amro Mahsoon says:

I like the video. Please visit my channel I made a similar quick review with a comparison between the kit lens 18-55mm and the EF 50mm 1.8 please give me your opinion.

dynamicdante says:

Hi, your voice is awesome! i like the video!

ThatTechDSLRGuy says:

gordon… im looking for a canon ef-s lense to fit the 60D that is good for sport… whats the cheapest lense you recomend?

Harjeetdilable says:

Hi Gordon, i wanna get canon EOS 7D soon so i am beginner at the moment so little bit confuse which lense should i buy ? i wanna use it for landscape and portraits photography !! i hope you ll help me !! Thanx

EdenSpace117 says:

my gawd the lens in the description picture looks HUGE compared to your face!

cameralabs says:

The 18-135mm is quite good for the price, but it doesn’t perform miracles. See my review of it at cameralabs . com – and also see my EOS T4i / 650D review for some sample images with the latest STM version of the lens!

2beautychatter says:

Hi Gordon, I’d like to ask for your opinion on the other kit lens which is 18-135mm. In your opinion what is the difference and the cons and benefits between the two and what would you choose given the choice. I’ve been trying to look for opinions on the web since this will be my very first DSLR and I have very little knowledge on the subject. So far I understand your videos the best. I hope you can help me out.

redandbluebeater says:

ugh, so technical. I LOVE IT!!!

Jay Gao says:

A higher shutter speed will certainly keep the image sharp. But I don’t seem to have many problems with using it at 85mm. The only issue with this lens is when you zoom out to around 17, you’ll notice a good amount of distortion. the outer sides begin to warp and there is a also slight amount of vignetting.

Jay Gao says:

Yes. That’s my setup.

Jimmeh CabTV says:

coulndnt find a 28 135mm canon review, darn it

cooperad says:

If you are shooting sports surely 55mm isn’t long enough? I mainly use my Tamron to do photoshoots of cars which it is perfect for. For anyone looking for a lens to perform tasks similar to this its perfect!

mariozmis says:

cheers for the price, it might well be the selling point of the lens…
I most often shoot sports, so unfortunately it’s a bit too slow :/

cooperad says:

I have the Lens and its not that bad. Yes its noisy and yes its not as fast as a Canon lens with USM, BUT… It’s £250 and thats a bargain for this stonker of a lens. The quality of my photos improved so much after upgrading!

mariozmis says:

that’s quite true, but bear in mind – Tamron can’t make AF motor quite good enough…
It’s very likely it would be slow at focusing :/

cooperad says:

Consider the Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 instead of the Canon 17-55 as its a third of the price! Its a fantastic lens for the money…

MrZayNev says:

Is there a lens that doesn’t need to be focused, and has everything all ready focused?

AXNJXN1 says:

Excellent review! Now I’m more confused at which one to choose…

arumdevil says:

yes it is and yes it does (considering the price) and it’s hands down the best value-for-money lens canon make and should definitely be on everyones shortlist. However it has no zoom so it’s not really a viable replacement for the kit lens on it’s own. I love mine though.

lifeartpixels says:

@cameralabs hi, i recently boughd a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8. It actually came out sharper in tests then the canon version.. maybe this is a good add-on in this review.. looking for a all-round lens? dont forget to check out Sigma, they do have some good stuff.. just dont pick the cheapest 🙂

Azizan Malek says:

how about if u compare it with a 10-22?

AkoyPinoy2 says:

I just got 15-85. It’s a bit front heavy for a T2i but takes good pictures. Still have to try walking around with. It’s nice and wide for the group picture which was one of the reason I got it.

Azizan Malek says:

i am thinking about buying either 17-55mm or 15-85mm… which one would u recommend?

0Jitox0 says:

What about the 50mm 1.8?? it´s very cheap and i read that it has good image quality…

onraj9mm says:

hm with that ef lens on aps-c sensor i would lose that wide end wouldnt I

keithchircop says:

When you get used to the 18-55mm, the next step shouldn’t be to get something similar and better. Find out which type of photography you are most into and get a different lens (telephoto/potrait/macro/wide)­. You can upgrade the kit lens later.

BrandonKingVloggin says:

Not just the colours. The quality is a hell of a lot better too.  Use one, and you’ll never want to go back.

BrandonKingVloggin says:

It will.

ybsniewo says:

EFS 17-55 IS USM can this be also work on my canon 600D?

Chillay14 says:

Very good video!
I accidently stumbled across this video and it was something I was meaning to look up!
I am getting the base 60D shortly and was wondering was lens I should pick up with it.
Very helpful!

sergio ruiz says:

Your reviews are amazing , Thanks!
I would love to hear your opinion about the “Sigma 17-50 mm 2.8F”
I am almost decided for the canon 17-55 2.8F, but I seems to me too heavy, too expensive, and with a bad Bokeh.
Would Sigma be more convenient?
thanks a lot!

msaha1992 says:

The colours on the L are much hotter!
it’s more black, it has a red line, it has better looking rings!
those are my best reasons to upgrade to it!

TalbotJude595 says:


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