Fashion Photo Shoot on the Beach with Tawnie Lynn

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Like me on FaceBook Fashion Photo Shoot on the Beach with Model Tawnie Lynn and Celebrity Fashion Photographer Arthur St. John. 4 Looks. 1 Full Day. Go Behind the Scenes in Full HD. Photographer Arthur St. John Model Tawnie Lynn Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist Mikey Stone of Cutting Edge Beauty Behind The Scenes Videographer Brett Cassano Behind The Scenes Video Editor Sam Davidson


arthurstjohn says:

Thank you for the support. Much appreciated…

arthurstjohn says:

The beach was a private residential beach… that is why its so empty. shooting on weekdays is also a key factor (as opposed to shooting on weekends when there’s more people outside).

arthurstjohn says:

400 watts/sec may not be enough power at certain camera settings. You will need to open your shutter / aperture or increase ISO to get proper exposure on the model.. but doing so will wash out your background. the only way to achieve this look is with a powerful strobe flash. the more power the better. if using a polarizing filter you need even more flash power as the filter will make everything darker (including your model).

Mik902 says:

Fantastic results!

Rainer Herberich says:

so i can forgert trying this with my New Jinbei Freelandlander 400 WS …..

arthurstjohn says:

Thank you. Photoshop.

arthurstjohn says:

Flash is Hensel Integra 1000 watt / second

Esteban Ríos Bedoya says:

“no filters, just manual camera settings and post work.
direct sun behind model facing me… shooting at F/22, Shutter 1/250, ISO 100, Custom WB… strobe handles exposing the model, the rest is all post processing.” quoting @arthurstjohn

habadashery2009 says:

why are there a billion of these beach photoshoots? are they in a really high demand for some reason?

Rainer Herberich says:

The Flash has 400 WS ? 600 WS ? 1200 WS ? F22 is not possible with a 400 WS Flash , think so

reuel20110405 says:

this was really awes0me sir Arthur St, John.. i am a fan of yours. i am a beginner in ph0t0graphy and i want to learn your style of ph0t0graphy. i hope i can learn some of your technics. if you dont mind.. i want to ask what ph0t0 pr0cessing software you are using? thank y0u in advance

wachira aunkskul says:

good shot

TheQofbrokenhrtz says:

LOVE your work 🙂 -AMO- modelmayhem . com/351272

wisico640 says:

that girl sure has a nice pair-sonalities…

Zedphotography Zaharoula says:


TyroneSmithJr702 says:

damn shes hot

PersianGangamStyle says:

these are the best pics ive seen of tawnie lynn. she looks like a supermodel.

GlobalSM says:


Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord – GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST, our GOD

ThePanacon says:

No, I meant the beach is empty while he is shooting (not talking about the pictures). You can see it in the video, there is no one and I don’t see how you can photoshop a video. 😉

philippinedivers1 says:


ThePanacon says:

My biggest concern here would be; how to get the beach that empty?

xbrokens2 says:


Slipknave says:


MrBigTimeDJ says:

photography is off the charts. every photo looks like a billboard. very impressive.

GoldenTouchVideos says:

it would be great if you could share with us your post processing edits, i have learn nothing

JCLmin says:

Jesus Christ said that “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me” – JESUS CHRIST IS MY GOD, MY LORD, MY SAVIOR

apo5 says:

Its so much easier if model know what to do…..ehh

Harukichi Yamaguchi says:

amazing light

maygofirstimpression says:

wow this is amazing ..

AdminGabo says:

can i ask you what program do you use for postprocessing?

Sealtiel Rodriguez says:

Super siiiiiick! 😀

RaymonvilFilms says:


Aldo Di Bari M says:

Maravillosos manejo de la luz!

Limon19 says:

el trabajo es impresionante!!!!!

Limon19 says:

please name song???

lazzyslazzy says:

to do this you need to know Photoshop well, anyone can take those pictures with few flashes, post processing is more important here rather than shooting…

mitsubishidiamante says:

I Love youre Work I just Subscribe to youre channell

Mike guitar says:

amazing shoots and great photoshop skills 😉 

John E Klein says:

Love your work, ASJ. Inspiring model photography for us wannabees!

Martin Wenzl says:

11 gays or jealous girls?

abb72084 says:

You’re my Idol, WOW!

kklttzb says:

Hi, can you please explain why you always point downward your BD?

kklttzb says:

Hi, Yes, I also noticed that BD,,,can you please explain what is the reason for that?

raipe76 says:

Can you do a video where you show how to do a photo like these…How you Prosessing these photos !??????

peepths1 says:

Amazing Creativity!! I really like the music too, anyone know who sings that song? I want to learn how to do this, best job in the world. Simply Beautiful Work!!

Greg Demos says:

3:37 and 5:25 are amazing! I can’t wait til I can afford a pair of strobes strong enough to overpower the sun like that.

King Ian David says:

Dont you have a video tutorial for post processing?

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