Macro Photography/Close-up Digital Photography Tutorial featuring Flowers

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MrZygy3 says:

Got it.. it’s time to practice now…

jveneno7 says:

awesome tutorial ! i am new into photography and this tutorial swowed me a lot that i still have to learn , thanks ..

carem elyse says:

Hello there! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My cooworker Jack made some incredible pictures with their video tutorials.

alex greene says:

Can everyone please check out this girls photography work! It would be great if you could follow her page with the button at the bottom right of the page!


WatashiwaJouhouDesu says:

I love how you show us what the pictures look like with each add-on and explain them all thoroughly. Thank you very much! 😀

levisteshirley89 says:

well explained, great macro tutorial. Thanks for the tips

l67swap1 says:

Excellent video sir

Tony Northrup says:

No, but basically the diopters just let you get closer. They work alright.

rajiv ghoshal says:

Great tutorial… do you have any showing the effect of using the magnifying glass like filter?

projectsparetime says:

excellent video

hulmiho ukolen says:

why every tutorial starts with boring talks about lenses if I search for tutorial I already have a lens don’t you think…

IPGAuto says:

I like its 36mp but I am still going to buy a 5D Mark II soon.

IPGAuto says:

Whats your opinion on the Nikon D800?

Tony Northrup says:

Good call. Since you plan to read it on the iPhone, install the Kindle app and then buy it using the Kindle e-book link. It’s $1 cheaper, but I like the Kindle app better for the iPhone, anyway.

Aidan Keyes says:

Thanks for the quick response and also for the answer. just checked out your book there and was surprised with the price. I am going to download the iPhone version and use it for reading material on my university train commutes. Thanks!

Tony Northrup says:

Switch your lens to manual focus, and then turn the focusing ring very slowly until the part of the flower you want to focus on is sharp.

I’m happy to answer questions, and I don’t mean to plug, but I do have a photography book that can help you… link in the description.

Aidan Keyes says:

I am new to macro photography so sorry for the stupidity of the following question BUT I noticed that you said in order to get the entire depth of the image sharp you would focus on different parts of the flower. How exactly do you focus upon one certain part of the flower?

eldamatty says:

Very nice. Very informative and detailed explanation. I like that your tone of voice is relaxed. Keep the good work!

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