Sony RX100 Review – DSLR in a Pocket Body? – Does it suck?

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Sony’s new compact camera the RX100 is aimed directly at the premium shooter market, The “pro-sumers” the professional Photogs looking for a pocket-sized backup, the enthusiast, The traveler looking to pack light but doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality of their travel photography gear – and it’s directly competing against the likes of the popular PowerShot S100 from Canon, the superb Olympus’s XZ-1 & the chunky but sweet, Panasonic’s Lumix LX5. The Sony RX100 is the world’s most powerful pocket sized camera, incredible specs in a small package. The Sony RX100 features a large sensor size, for a compact “point & shoot” style camera, A 1 inch Exmor CMOS sensor, the same size as the sensor in the Nikon 1 series cameras, the J1, J2, and V1. Watch a shot for shot video shootout between the RX100 & the Nikon V1 here; 1-INCH PUNCH – SONY RX100 vs NIKON V1 – Video Shoot-out – You can find a gallery of test shots & photographs used int this RX100 review on my Google+ Picasa gallery;


GiacomoC says:

An outstanding review!

Albert Paolo Bugayong says:

Good day, is there anyway to get a 50p footage to conform nicely to 30p? We bought one last month and it was only later did I realize that what I got was the European version. Thanks and God Bless

Wolfenhiem says:

i bought this today and ive yet to field test it. cant wait tomorrow

Nick Campbell says:

Really good review!

patrickdamien says:

Red Shirt… HA!

MtBrendor says:

Great review, your presentations style is excellent. Wonderful photos too!

KiBuPo says:

Thank, and happy new year

Mithrundeer says:

Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Marc Boas says:

Thanx Blundy. Best review of the rx100 I have seen. And I have seen many. Lot of practical info and insights, great 🙂

vanishingpoint80 says:

You can set the ring for zoom.

DelzieC says:

Should an amateur photographer give up his DSLR for this camera?

DaveSeventyOne says:

Very nice camera, great review.

Upgrade that firmware to shoot 24p and I’ll be reaching for my wallet. Maybe this is a gimped feature to stop those prosumers with a larger wallet deserting the NEX range?

roflsteaksauce says:


mrphotomanTIM says:

Most people do not require a person to speak slowly in order to understand what they are saying. Just because I am thoughtful, I will type this response slowly so you can understand it.

mvakleko says:

Your review is great. I agree 100% with your video cons…this is the main reason why I am not buying it. I do not like that they don’t have 1080 30p. You can use 1080 60p however you will need to increase your shutter by 2 meaning your low light will get affected at 1/120. Also the bit rate sucks for a camera of this quality. We need at least 50 mbps…gopro has fighured this out why can’t sony. If you ever try adjusting colour or grading with 28 Mbps you will understand.

Juan Manuel Chavez says:

Hello, do you know if you can set the front ring for zoom? Or just iso, diafragm and apperture?

Sudip Bhattacharyya says:

Thanks ;-))) I love your videos and your voice, presentation … ;-))))

James Douglas says:

Good review… thorough and amusing at times. I wish you would slow down and take a few breaths in many of your sentences. Actually I began to lose what you were saying towards the ends of sentences because your voice drops and words start running together. Don’t mean to be critical since I really learned a lot from the review. Just think it could be improved.

H20Spy says:

Covered it well. Thanks

Berke Inöntepe says:

Set Panorama to “up” and rotate the camera. This way you’ll have a much better Panorama than setting it to left or right

KiBuPo says:

Hi, sry for my english, but the small figures you have, what is that, or what is the name on them ?

disobedient says:

Fantastic review, Blunty.

Quantum Kiff says:

I love your videos 🙂 What kind of camera do you use to film your videos with? 

mister088 says:

great review. Informative and quite funny at times..thank you!!!!

masonkim7 says:

damn he’s a pretty legit photographer.

Audi C says:

First time I watched a video from start to finish (on camera reviews). THANKS BLUNTY!!!!!

The911fella says:

excellent review, about time too, think I might get one of these…cheers

adrianarulz says:

Wild you  you reccomend this over the nikon 1 j2??

versatiletech says:

You have that Top Gear narrator style. I like.

TheElcentralen says:

thx for a lovely rev, so happy i checked this cam out before i got the nikon j2. im more of a photo novice and did love my nokia n8 to bits, but id love to get in to some more series photo runs. and this camera will go 180% of the way. if you don’t plan on grow some experience i cant see to much of a point or the fun of it.

Andreaseye says:

Super helpful review, thanks! I ordered the camera yesterday and I can’t wait to start using it. Another pro photographer recommended it as a carry-around camera.

masonkim7 says:

Australia is sooooo beautiful.

Pasqualmie says:

You do good reviews.

ric143u says:

Watching your review made me suddenly excited to buy the Sony RX100. I have been considering buying a DSLR for a while now with the Canon T3i in mind. What prevented me from not jumping to the T3i so quick is the prospect of having a bulky camera hanging around my neck during parties specially formal ones where I could be wearing an Armani suit or a tux. It sounds like you are recommending this so I’ll plunge into it. Tnx for your professional review.

jackdanini says:

Great Video! Loved you commentary about the “special fx” modes 😉 lol

kv0nza says:

Fantastic review, no bias shown as well as some very clear examples.

Acnologia says:

neon genesis evangelion

Peiselkopp says:

Thank you for this great review!

Dante Alighieri says:

Do people just not get you’re fitting 20 minutes of slow HURRR-DURRR reviewing into a jumpy and very energetic 11 minutes? It’s the perfect amount of time not to bore anyone to death while still getting the point across. 🙂

Steven Scholten says:

wow this is one of the best reviews I have seen on youtube. Very very complete!. Thanks

punjabpolice911 says:

You the best.
Best review ever.


Can you select “auto iso” in shutter priority mode on the RX100..?

fusee7 says:

daam this is the best review of any product ive ever seen! suscribed!

Shane Denherder says:

Nice review

stampscapes says:

what a great review. thanks!

stfanciscainta says:

Subscribed! Love your fun review.

vanishingpoint80 says:

Great review Blunty. Wanted to know your opinion, I can’t afford the RX100, my budget is around £300, I like the Lumix LX7, or Samsung EX2F. What would you go for in this compact range buddy?

nAcolz says:

Ah only if this had a viewfinder! I’d get it right away.

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