DSLR & Camcorder Video Tips: How to Get Better Sounding Audio When Recording Video

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tigerwebster says:

If you go to audio settings, click “manual” than adjust the audio to a 1, which is a notch above the lowest setting. That will take out most of the hissing. Than use an external mic and adjust your volume and gain from your external mic. This works great for my T3I…..Hope that helps…

makeupbyawb says:

hi matt! im a canadian with a beauty channel on you tube! your videos have been helping me alot!! thanks!

Norm Lajoie says:

Thanks for all those Good Tips ! been looking for a video just like that !!! Great job ! makes all sense ! I’ll be looking for those options for sure !

elvisreviews says:

Thank you, very helpful

2Gtwin says:

how does a wirless lav mic work with a zoom h2? I see everyone plugging the lav mics in to the zoom but when you say wirless do you mean you dont have to do that?

morgan sampson says:


sltfilho says:

Yes, you can connect a lapel mic in a notebook. My experience with that showed that if the laptop is connected to the electric power, there is a hissing. Once I removed it from the electric power (and left the laptop only with battery) the sound became clear.

Charles libby watt says:

Canon cameras usually have a hissing noise because they don’t receive audio microphones that well. To get rid of that, you can buy a BeachTek Adapter. It is a small box that plugs into your typical DSLR camera, and it has two XLR inputs for more professional microphones, and one mini jack for consumer microphones. It should get rid of the hiss. I would suggest the DXA-4 BeachTek adapter. They are about $96.00 for a used one on Amazon.

princemSALEM says:

can i connect a WIRELESS LAPEL MIC out of the the camera into a LAPTOP (by mic input)..and control the sound recorded from the wireless lapel mic by a any MIXER SOFTWARE..and hearing through A WIRELESS HEADPHONES.. can i ALSO use hdmi out of the camera into the laptop (hdmi to usb) for LIVE VIEWING ??..

THETribalDancer says:

I am shooting dancers up on a stage 10-20 yards away. What would you recommend for picking up the music and applause in the room?

kellanpan says:

“Here in Canada”
Yay Canada!

FoxtrotFilmsPresents says:

could be your external mic itself. My rode videomic (shotgun mic) had that problem. turns out it happens a lot with Rode. their warranty is awesome though, send it back in and sent me a new one.

Brodie73m says:

Does the Cannon 600d actually measure the sound on screen?

dgrosche says:

I’m a huge audiophile and everything your saying is absolutely true! Thanks for the vid, Great Tips!

kermitetaylor says:

I’m not getting any audio from my external input, the on-board mic works great, but when ever I go to the external input, I get nothing, once or twice I get a crackling sound. Is there any setting I need to change once I plug the mini plug in, I’ll confess I did not read the manual, just to to lazy. Help

ArtoftheImage says:

- No, can’t say I’ve noticed that.

Tom Hewett says:

Do you find that you get a hissing sound with external mics on your canon 60d?

ArtoftheImage says:

– My guess is that they’re just using the built-in camera mic in that video you linked to. Not sure how much better a Zoom or Rode would be in this type of situation as the sound source is so far away and so large.

iloveairfrance says:

Yes, like at air shows, or for spotting like this : watch?v=Qn5hWD8bz0U&feature=related.
Thank you very much for the answer! Keep up the very good work!

ArtoftheImage says:

– For the little bit of price difference, I’d get the Zoom H2. Better mics and more features.

Arturs Udarskis says:

thanks for comments! i will go for zoom h1

ArtoftheImage says:

– You mean like at air shows?

iloveairfrance says:

What about aviation sound? Which one to choose?

ArtoftheImage says:

– Not sure which ones you’re asking about, but it’s a good rule of thumb that you usually get what you pay for. A good example is my Sony WCS999 Wireless Lav. It’s ok, but not great by any stretch. I’m looking to replace it for something better. Gonna try a new mic for it first, but will likely have to step up to a $400 or $500 Sony UWP or Sennheiser.

Glenn Briones says:

I may be wrong but I think he disables his ratings after he gives it a thumbs up, this way when people search for vids it shows up as 100% of people whot rated it liked it. Kinda tacky if you ask me.

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