Lumix LX5 Landscape Photography by Charlie Waite

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World-renouned landscape photographer Charlie Waite talks about his experience with the Lumix LX5. Lumix LX5 product details Charlie Waite’s website


disarmsox says:

Where is your professional portfolio then Dickhead?

disarmsox says:

A promotional video and a photography class in one. Well worth watching, even if you do not own the camera.

tothemax3000 says:

What a wonderful journey with Mr. Waite. Reminds us how every day can be an inspiration if we keep our eyes and mind open.

MrJucarug says:

Despite of the quality of the camera, Mr Waite has the most important:”The photographer eye”

lynbabysusu says:

Thanks sir ^^ I learned quite a bit about my cam

Minh Tien says:

He’s not the only man on the earth to discover these place in his photo, I can sure u that.

shqsone sowon sq says:

Should I buy the LX5 or XZ-1? Please someone help me?

woggels says:

Right wanker, lets see yours!

007dougboy says:

Also, to the poster who takes personal shots at Charlie and uses the profanity…I don’t know what your problem is but it is obviously yours, not ours, and it is sad. Your points would be more credible perhaps if they weren’t coated in a mess of gratuitous vulgarity. You should talk to a therapist to find out why you feel the need to speak like that.

007dougboy says:

This video is both inspiring and depressing. Inspiring because is shows what can be done with a high-end point and shoot (I ordered mine yesterday to replace my Canon G10), depressing because it highlights my overlooking of the obvious. All of the times that I go out to shoot and can’t find a shot, only to see that they are right in front of me as Charlie shows. The camera is only the tool, the photographer is the artist. A true artist can make photos, not just take pics.

kd5dcj1 says:

just goes to show you you dont need a 10,000 dslr to make good pictures

Dangrousdave20 says:

How long does it take between taking pictures? Like the amount of time from when you press the button, it takes the picture, and is ready to take another one? I need a fast camera.

Dangrousdave20 says:

How long does it take between taking pictures? Like the amount of time from when you press the button, it takes the picture, and is ready to take another one? I need a fast camera.

JiaruiZ says:

Great video!

Starfires says:

This is a fantastic introduction to just what matters most in photography and it also helps me appreciated just what I have in my LX5. One things to remember with these smaller cameras (Leica aside) is that even if their image quality isn’t as great as a DSLR, you end up using them in very interesting and creative ways. I also like the discrete size, as if someone is posing, they are likely to relax with such an unimposing sight. Hmm, posing for the unimPosing, there has to be something in that!

Meshwork123 says:

Whiteass, try to understand that Charlie Waite has been a landscape photographer for the past 35 years, and that he has world wide recognition coupled with numerous awards that he has received.

You should not resort to using such language here. It suggests that you often hide behind your keyboard.

Anyhow, I hope this helps. Cheers.

jeremyjgray says:

What this vid neglects to mention is Charlie’s expert developing in the virtual darkroom. Many new photographers forget about this! This is obviously Panasonic advertising (not many non-pros will buy the overpriced viewfinder!) but well done.

shussey100 says:

The colours look washed out to me. 

Dalida Aurora says:

I have bought this camera two months ago, I’m not professional but I wanted a camera good without being great, I really like, but as active Nosé flash the smart way … someone could help me please, many gracias.espero their Answers

Charles Sola says:

Congrats Mr. Waite. Despite the camera, this video makes me feel the really sense of photography. Technology helps, but it’s not the most important in the creative process. You gave us a real photography class.

Meshwork123 says:

Mr White8ass8kika
Firstly, what an insulting and ignorant chump you are, calling Charlie Waite a boring old man. Mr Waite, a middle-aged man who is probably in his prime when it comes to landscape photography, has a proven track record. Furthermore, the images that you see displayed here are snaps – try viewing some of his online portfolio for his professional level photographs.
Secondly, are you famous in the world of photography?
Lastly, one day you’ll be a lot older. And you’ll look it.

douglasmiki1 says:

Beautifully done! In the process, Mr. Waite shows us not only the capabilities of the LX5, but also the conceptualization and implementation of his highly creative insight. I am in the process of getting an LX 5 and Mr. Waite has just shown me that my decision was indeed a right one. Thank you.

threedogwrite says:

I really enjoyed this video! I’ve had the Lumix LX5 for a couple of months and I’m extremely pleased with the results that allow creative photos with superb IQ. I hope that you will do some more videos using the Lumix LX5, perhaps with specific creative applications that goes into more depth in each video. Thanks again!

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