Travel & Landscape Photography Tips

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This is the trailer for our Travel and Landscape Photography Tips DVD. Part out our Photography Masterclass DVD series. Get More FREE Training at my website: Come home with pictures you want to put on your wall In this exciting programme Karl Taylor takes you on an incredible photographic tour of Paris and shows you the techniques applied to capture stunning travel images. Karl also goes head to head with international award winning landscape photographer Nick Després in a landscape shootout that shows you step by step techniques for capturing breathtaking images. On this DVD you will learn: * Cityscapes Make capturing inspiring cityscapes second nature! With a few simple techniques you will be able to create images that are more eye-catching than you had imagined. * Neutral Density Graduated Filters Learn about the pro photographers secret weapon. See as Karl demonstrates exactly how, why and when to use these image enhancing essentials! * Planning your Images Getting that great shot is not all about point and shoot, Karl explains how planning and researching your location can help you get that winning shot. * Waiting for the Right Light Timing is everything, too early and the light is not right, too late and the light has gone. Discover the magic moment for a range of different photographic situations that will help give your shots that professional edge! * Night Cityscapes Capturing night scenes requires a different discipline and


Delinz says:

the shot at 1:27 is just amazing!

arianabak says:

Hi Karl. I was wondering if you had any tips for photographing the moon? I have a 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. Everytime I take a picture, I can never get a crisp shot; the natural light emitted from the moon creates a hazy fog around the edge of it. Any ideas on how to make a crisper photo?

Kussler88 says:

I’ll travel to Paris next week and I’m really excited, because of the beautiful things I can photograph there 🙂

MrMazaeus says:

Brilliant! Superb communication and superb technics!

LeeAnna MARIE says:

my favirotes were the ocean shot and than the glass pyramid

plungepro says:

So much passion combined with great talent, well done.

dbm505 says:

Love the videos! But I`m getting the feeling that without the ND Filter I won`t be able to make any of the really artistic photos that I was planning on… 🙂

Thanks for sharing, mate!

kevintanojo says:

if like this, what white balance we need to use?

shonenarts23 says:

you’re the great photographer also

Max Tiemeyer says:

how is that filter in front of your lens called? Thanks 😉

burubura says:

300th LIKE

bryanthecoolkid88 says:

very good

jaeen andeerson says:

i was litterally sitting here cringing at how badly i want to learn to take photos like this

kobebryant158 says:

This guy is the master. Greate videos, well explained. Thanks!!

VanyahaHeights says:

I was in Paris last year and my oh my, So many photo opportunities there! 🙂

b8sam6cash says:

Thanks for the tips?

KO8789 says:

Hey guys, just a quick question about the security of photo. Can I lock my photo’s properties (for ex: The shuttle speed or author etc ) so that no matter what happen (someone download it from facebook) but they still having my properties and can’t change it? Cheers

MrPlaystationboy says:

that is some stunning photos

connor tollison says:

i just saved enough money for all your dvds and after watching the first one, i do not regret buy them. thank you so much for making videos that you can understand easily.

Angela B. Pan says:

Wow those are great images!

AussieSoccerBoy94 says:

he uses a lee filter system

advabhijeetjoshi says:

Great videos all of them. And by the way what is the filter system you are using is called?

felix2877 says:

i hope i could learn ..and develop my own style..thank you for vid.

clearodef says:

What was the purpose of point out the use of the filter that was similar to an ND but split in half? Just trying to understand. Thanks for all the great tips so far.

FirebrandNIRE says:

I purchased karl’s DVD set last year, their absolutely amazing!

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