1 Light Trick – How to Light a Music Video at Night

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Watch all my video & photo tutorials here: goo.gl Here is the finished music video: youtu.be Learn how to get a nice and simple shots outside at night using only 1 light. This is a technique I’ve used on many music videos that I call the “Hollywood Starlet” look because it’s a similar one light technique used in old Hollywood films from the 40’s and 50’s This technique can be used for videos, films, and photos. It’s simple and quick but produces good results. ______ Follow me on: Twitter twitter.com Facebook www.facebook.com Google+ t.co __________________________________________ film school tips and tricks tutorials all on my channel


fresh89gmail says:

Studio Lighting LE160


yo awesome tutorials!!!

AOTP4LIFE1 says:

how did u get the arial view in the real video

jamiceyjace1 says:


kthx1138 says:

Cinema verite. Gritty urban reality. Minimalist. One light is all you need to create that look and feel.  Perfect for a rap video!

djkaneck1 says:

That’s the John Alton lighting technique. The man wrote the book “Painting With Light”. Glad it worked for you.

Kubson Żaba says:

this video it’s just a great job, keep up the good work, the musician wasnt the best, but your work is great

LKproductions2012 says:

AMAZING to see what can be made from just a good understanding of what you want. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Keep up the good work 🙂 LK

Earl Hustle says:

@TomAntosFilms how did you balance that U-flycam

DamnPictures says:

Thanks :)

ArtistWoOoOo says:

good!!!! Did he pay you or is it a friend??I mean using sth that doesn’t look this much prof. like the light u used,would have problems with real clients?????

Ghetto Green says:

I’ve just started out and wounderd if you no why my videos I capture keep freezing up when I try play them with avs editor

ConstructiveComedy says:

Impressed when you see him shooting and holding the light.

OfficialDCrysis says:

Does anyone know what the LED lamp thing is called?

thacornerbacker says:

Great info! Thanks for sharing

Erik Fatono says:

Hey Man ! Fan of your video. I’m having a hard time exporting for youtube for months and months. Would u mind to give us tips for exporting settings?Appreciate it. Thx and keep up the good work!! Cheers 😀

spinlizard1 says:

Virus checker says virus

Positive Reaction says:

give thanks for the info ,team positive reacon /bobocity from kingston Jamaica

enrique mora says:

can u show use how to get noise free when recording in dark, like in this music video. thanks for the tips keep up the good work. im actually a backer for your documentary film school.

tinktwiceman says:

Thank you for this awesome video! Could you Please tell me the name of the brand of the small LED light you were using? That would be perfect! Thanks man

deityfilms says:

Hey Tom, great tutorial on lighting! Im curious, when you shoot on the Steadicam, what aperture are you using to keep the guy in focus as you move back and fourth?

Jay Lenz says:


Giovanni Derteano says:

Hi Tom, I am Giovanni from Perú.
I want to ask you a question about this example: Do you use neutral in your settings or natural?

antcook91 says:

what is that hand held thing you used to hold the camera called?

Anthony Hernandez says:

I gotta deff learn color correction

Anthony Hernandez says:

Nice thumbz up!

Kazeem Olushesi says:

What can of lens did you used for the video?

Jet Rrow says:

hey i love you work thanks for the info

jmsm1930 says:

Fstop, aperture and iso settings please?

MikeR1120 says:

How much would you charge to do a video for me?


@tomantosfilms this was the most helpful lighting video i have ever seen. great tutorial/lecture. everything was very detailed from A to B. thank you for sharing tour technique.

illikaspain says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial

Singi03 says:

You worked with J. Reyez!!?!? awwww shit! Nice. 😉 & thank you for the tips.

ade4200 says:

I dont think you mentioned what focal length and f stop were used. As mentioned below, what i really need to find out about is how to shoot this type of thing at night. You need a large depth of field when the subject is moving around as you are using a DSLR and steadycam and therefore not focusing during the shot.

ade4200 says:

Small aperture + low light = problems.
High ISO = noise
Led lights subject but background can easily become too dark.
It looks surprisingly noise free.
Camera settings and any other advise would be great! I am watching your tutorials but no ‘depth of field’ + night time/low light!

connoll123 says:

This video was very helpful, thank you very much

Tonyrizk13 says:

How do you keep your subject in focus wile walking in a night shot? I know the apture was opened up more but that means less light coming in.

subinchannel1 says:

wow tutorial worth thousands of money. i mean saves lot time referrring for lighting principles,or go through workshops,,buying expensive stuff prescribed by the so called experts..thanks a lottttttttttttttttttttt…

TocsiikHipHop says:

can you use any other (cheaper) light instead of a led light?


bro i really like this dude! this is the same guy who made the music about his ex gf right?

JustifydOfficial says:

The steadycam he used was a U-Flycam.

AK5o4 says:

Hey can you tell me how did you do your camera movements in the music video. This will help me a lot, Thanks

bolele max says:

thanks for answering so fast I subscribe to your channel on youtube for a long time I have an umbrella that bring light cut totalight want to put some light from reaching such a direct

bolele max says:

Please can you tell me how to get the paper that you placed in the light to soften the light if you could buy on ebay with that name I look, thanks for reading my comment

Kitomica says:

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