$20 DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig

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Using some easy-to-get supplies, Ryan shows you how you can make your own DIY shoulder rig for under $20! And yes, we know this has been made plenty of times… But our build is about doing it as cheap, simple and effective as possible. We also chose to warp the pipe instead of cutting it so that it will fit perfectly to the body. Like, Favorite and SHARE today’s episode! www.youtube.com FilmRiot Revision3.com Twitter twitter.com Ryan on Twitter twitter.com Facebook www.facebook.com Ryan on Facebook www.facebook.com


jpanim8r says:

I got the Cowboy Studio Shoulder Support Rig for $25 and didn’t have to build anything.
(won’t let me add the links sorry)
I feel like I’m better at keeping the camera freehand (walking/running) than using it (except for panning and tilting)(much better for that 🙂 )
Am I doing it wrong? Are you suppose to pull pressure a certain way or just your best to keep it level?
(also tried using my tripod with extra weights on the bottom for a cheap steady cam)

GrayEdits1 says:

my shoulder mount consists of me putting/mounting my camera onto my shoulder and holding it there.

blooddust45 says:

what is that awesome example music?

AgonizedCandle says:

Rubbing up against their bodies… exciting

maxwuzhere2248 says:

neither is needed in a comment on a youtube video

lrowbothams says:

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

Levi L says:

I do. Last time I tried to talk to a girl I sneezed in her nose.

ConnersCraftNation says:

A tripod has three legs (hence “tri”) and a a shoulder mount goes on your shoulder (hence shoulder). Generally you will use a tripod whenever possible, but shoulder mounts are very useful for moving shots that you cannot get on a tripod easily.

ClydeTyldsley says:

Christ! I think you need some social skills.

InfiniteLemon says:

Cooking on Sunshine by the Cotton Club

MrNeon210 says:

what is the difference of tripod and shoulder mount?
i think shoulder mount is best..

MadFroGamer says:

That’s what I did and it works.

Vyas Anand says:

Very nice and informative videos

noisyboyuk says:

Says the person who forgets to place a capitol letter at the beginning of a sentence? Just fuckin’ sayin’.

veilx says:

Please, capitalize as needed.

zachary961 says:

couldnt you use 2 joints instead of bending it?

merowsProductions says:

your quick release plate cost 39 $ on ebay mann

Jordan Bunch says:

Nice gear choice. I use the K5 with the DA* 16-50mm 2.8 as well. An excellent combo.

Leighton Parker says:

Learn how to use correct capitalization. 

omar sayed says:

i think his english okay?

RoboticDrawing says:

Just finished mine off! Thanks ryan!

RoboticDrawing says:

I salute you grammar nazi! You are the true forefathers of todays education

FilmBuds says:

Oh, i thought u meant like, a shoulder rig in general. Like the ones u buyyyyy

Stephen Fallon says:

Actually Ryan is using a Pentax (not sure which) in this video.

Stephen Fallon says:

They definitely do not. It may be custom but it isn’t a plastic DIY build.

FilmBuds says:

*cough* *cough* CorridorDigital uses that for their red scarlet *cough* cough*

Filip Morjak says:

did it work?

Sal Haran says:

Awesome name for a song.

Ryan Priestnall says:

can this $20 plastic shoulder rig support my $25,000 camera which i dont even have? no no it will not

Durkhelek says:

2:51 Blacksmithery

kiddem17 says:

i didnt have a heat gun so i used my hair dryer

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