DSLR Tutorial: How to get the Filmlook & what you’re doing wrong!

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Facebook: facebook.com Our new YouTube channel: youtube.com Fenchel & Janisch DSLR Tutorial Series: How to get a cinematic look and what you’re doing wrong! In this “how to” video we’re going to show you that you must plan your film look before you start shooting. Picture styles (especially the flat image) and the color correction will be discussed in this DSLR tutorial. Voice Over: Moritz Janisch Copyright 2011 by Fenchel & Janisch Filmproduktion GbR Twitter: twitter.com More DSLR videos on our channel: www.youtube.com Official website: www.fenchel-janisch.com


airtwaine says:

I know, but this video needs a title change.

feAr636 says:

Search his channel, he teaches how to colour grade in a different video.

feAr636 says:

Probably Adobe After Effects

MrMederek says:

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Jimson Heng says:

To be honest, this tutorial doesn’t really teach how to get the film look. It is rather the beginning step of getting it. Should be re titled How To Get A Flat Image. I agree with ^^^^him.

airtwaine says:

It’s more to it than that. He needs to go over color correction which is the most important part of getting a film look. But I know how to really achieve the film look no thanks to him.

bob joe says:

do you have an example?
I thought the tutorial was pretty decent. he was saying to shoot with flat colors, manual mode, manual settings, no auto-focus, dont over expose your footage. shoot in f/1.2-f/4.0…
idk i dont think you can just type in a setting and use it for every kind of video

David Crispim says:

hi! do you recommend a polarizer filter for a better filmlook during the day?

Brandon Van Hook says:

I was about to comment the exact same thing when I saw your comment haha. This video is really about Gotham’s reckoning.

airtwaine says:

He really didn’t teach us anything. I found way better tutorials that show you how to get the film look.

bob joe says:

maybe you are not intelligent enough to learn

gianluca montesano says:

what type of editing software do you use?

Iansexy89 says:

Thanks for the tips but you do sound like Bane !!

mieyu017 says:

how to make video color look like at 3:11…

SupremeCodClipz says:

How do i get rid of colour noise? 

casperado666 says:

German accent is German ))

Tenchcnet says:

No, Brother, they expect one of us in the wreckage!

Ian Swarbrick says:

Good advice, pleasant accent. Nice


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MrMederek says:

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Supersyco1 says:

What color correction software do you use? 

airtwaine says:

You didn’t teach us ANYTHING!

EddyJRobertsonTV says:

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Fricetix says:

Footech! :D

Anil Shahi says:

Awesome, thankyou

motabbir hussain says:


da fuq says:

love his accent

socaminister says:

i agree

EpicSneaker says:

Foooootage…. Ahahah. But really nice tutorial!

BobsiArtistOfficial says:

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Frivolous Tim says:

Sounds kinda like bane haha

francisco encarnacion says:

I have one question,I just bought a canon 7d but I got some problems with it,when shutting (1920/1080 in 24FPS and 30fps)
the images is not smooth,it have some kind of noise if I move the camera side side,but when sutting in 1280/720 in 60fps then is the image smooth and nice
if someone could help me I would appreciate.

matthew giudice says:

Please watch my video and let me know what you think. Thank you and God Bless.

D4017 says:

Turn everything down to zero got it!

CorbanYSM says:

This was awesome thanks so much!

samnang chan says:


DNelGames says:

not really. one continuous shot of an actor in conversation is good (like an over the shoulder shot) but only focus on their lines and faces. then end the filming, switch camera positions, focus on the other person in the conversation and have the same conversation again. As an actor, this is what I’ve experienced directors do most often rather than making the conversation awkward in reality. hope that helps.

Rheyan Lugtu says:

wow…great info…

UnknownWebUser says:

sounds like a german accent 🙂

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