Gimp Tutorial: Pop Art

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Please comment and rate videos – this will help other people find them by ranking them higher…it takes a second 🙂 — Requested by Jadesdaddy1999. How to produce Roy Lichenstein style Pop Art from your photographs. This is based on several Photoshop tutorials, but is ‘translated’ for the Gimp, which doesn’t have the ‘new adjustment layers’ or ‘filters-sketch-halftone’ options that the Photoshop tutorials rely on. Handy shortcut keys: ctrl+m = Merge all visible layers [ = brush decrease size ] = brush increase size p = paintbrush tool shift+e = eraser tool o = eye-dropper/colour picker tool Remember to save your project as an .xcf file as you go along, in case you lose your work.


0kakahuete0 says:

Very Nice! But you should use Linux 😀

miscutepie21 says:

Thanks so much for the tut! I was looking for some new ideas to try in gimp and I love this one!

turbotonic27 says:

damn yes,

EskimoExecution says:


Azhsc93 says:

I don’t understand what you’re doing at 2:21 :(:(

MrAymenjoe says:


MrAymenjoe says:


onbeyondzebrabydrs says:

I just want to say thank you for continuing with gimp tutorials, I’ve seen people switch to photoshop and they lost 3/4 of their subscribers because a lot of us have gimp because we can’t afford photoshop

xato909 says:

whats better for drawings? gimp or photoshop :S ?

Edric Navarro says:

you just earn a subscriber today… nice job

Edric Navarro says:

you just earn a subscriber today… nice job

ToLovelyJesus says:

I did this tutorial and it came out great! I love this guy’s teaching skills!

dawg5826 says:

By far best tutorial I’ve seen about gimp…THANK YOU!

dawg5826 says:

By far best tutorial I’ve seen about gimp…THANK YOU!

pigdog425 says:

ahh somebody help! I did everything up to the matte paint fine, and I spent forever painting it all in, but then I couldn’t get it to lay over the black sketch. Pressing the visible button didn’t work because it was already visible…does anybody know how I can save this? I spent forever doing it and it just looks like somebody painted over the picture poorly.

andrealoverke says:

this tutorial is amazing for newbies like me. Clearly explained and clearly shown how to do it. I experimented with the backgroundlayer a bit and the result is awesome!

eisnil says:

thanks this was a lot of fun!

anzwertree says:

Dude, you saved my ass with this tutorial!

KillerKongz says:

Thanks :)

KillerKongz says:

Don’t know if you have figured it out yet… but you don’t need camstudio unless you want to record what you’re doing on the computer. But you don’t use it to edit photos.

TheMashKETCHUP says:

LMAO at all the people that dont understand that those stuff have nothing to do with gimp XD

Pp3Alvarez says:

Great video
Cool effect

Shadowcat596 says:

Thanks buddy 🙂

JasRobe says:

Great video, very helpful! Thank you for posting-


eugenetswong says:

Hi. Thanks for your help.

I’m using 2.6.8

Are you telling us that we could colour past the lines, but not on top of the lines? Several of us seem to be colouring on both sides of the line.

Spunkaboo313 says:

Way Cool Way to make a Cartoonish looking Pop Art style.

misstanai says:

Help! I can’t paint on my matte color layer…I don’t know why…I followed the directionsto a T. Thanks!

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