HDSLR 101 #1: Intro to shooting video on a HDSLR

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Download the entire HDSLR 101 series plus a BONUS EPISODE on our store site: store.nextwavedv.com Find more training resources on our website: nextwavedv.com Join our Facebook community facebook.nextwavedv.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com In Episode 1 of HDSLR 101, we discuss how DSLRs first got video, sensor sizes and how they affect the look of video, and the pros and cons of shooting video on HDSLRs.


Steven Umphlett says:

Great video series. This is a huge help.

FieldsOfQuantum says:

great info thanks

Nicholas InSeattle says:

Thanks very much. I enjoyed watching your insights into filmmaking videography. MUCH appreciated! Keep up the great work please. Best to your success… always Kip Jurus Producer-Director-Writer-Filmmaker 🙂

dimmddr1 says:

GH1 and GH2 aren’t DSLRs.

Tinus le Roux says:

fantastic info, thanks!

designandshutter says:

What type of lenses do you guys use? What lens would you recommend for keeping things in focus for as long as possible ? I currently have a 18-105mm Nikon and my camera is a D7000. I notice very often that my video ends up being very softly out of focus when moving away from my area of focus even at 18mm, obviously DSLR’s do not have auto focus but for example, when you guys had the camera on the jib and were moving how did you maintain a clear focus on your subjects? follow focus? certain lens?

littleman1973 says:

What a great video , extremely informative and very clear to understand , more of the same please !


What is the name of the guy?

minus5252 says:

Fantastic Videos! Thanks! Subbed

iPOwLinda says:

wow u guys are awesome thanks for the info! 

Christopher Pinto says:

this first episode was simply AMAZING! thank you subbed!! lovin it!

gerardo hernandez says:

HDv1de0 says:

also camcorder tax is another reason of the file limit

Thijs van severen says:

about the transcoding part : you say that transcoding from H264 to another format can ‘fix’ some of the detail that was lost during the encoding to H264.
i dont beleive that’s correct. what’s lost is lost.
(when using ProRes you keep more detail, but it’s also a lossy compression method, so even there you lose detail)

Cory Schoonover says:

If only the director of let me in had heard this guys opinion on depth of film… wouldve helped that movie a bit.

sourcekings says:

i keep getting weird artifacts ive tryed just about every framerate i ways get a weird low quality look from my camera i see others with amazinf quality

dinkyflix says:

Stop moving the camera back and forth, Mr. Camerman! Leave it still on that tripod!

bouchandre says:

Hey tony, what do you think about the panasonic af100? It seem to be a good compromise between video and DSLR.

David Ashforth says:

awesome beginner video, thanks

mmaghfai says:

very good info. thanks a lot pal!

charaypro says:

nice presentation thanks learn alot keep it up

lucidmediatv says:

Shouldn’t these videos be entitled HD DSLR and not just H DSLR? Then it would be High Definition Digital Single Lens Reflex…

meltdownman1 says:

I don’t know if this is true but heard that the 29 Minute limit (e.g. when shooting 720p) was due to import restrictions. If the SDLR allowed to record longer than that (just like a regular video camera) then they would be classified as video cameras and thus have additional import duties imposed upon them. I wouldn’t put it past our legislatures to have written this into our import laws.

The Meltdownman

V8toytruck says:

Just what this photographer needs! Great vids, will be purchasing the HDSLR 101 DVD soon

Nick Ken says:

I didn`t try it my self, but thanks for the warning!

NextWaveG says:

It is easy to change the frame rate of an export, but that doesn’t mean the footage will look good. Lots of problems happen when you change the framerate. They may not show up big on YouTube, but if you are doing a professional production, you should never try changing your framerate in post unless you are doing slow or fast motion.

Nick Ken says:

You can easily change a frame rate with Sony Vegas

NextWaveG says:

In episode 7 we talk about recording sound, different microphones, and external recorders. In episode 12 we talk about syncing audio and post production sound tips. For people that don’t want to wait for those episodes to be released, they can download the series with the link provided in the info section. Thanks!

abpolatty3347 says:

Very good info, well presented. But Holy COW! NO AUDIO??? What about crummy little mics, Auto Gain Control, no XLR inputs, dual system sound? Still shooters moving to video need to know these things and how important audio is. Actually, everyone needs to know that.

ANSstudio says:

Awesome job guys! keep up the good work

Michael Lo says:

Thank your information… it’s very helpful… i think u miss out one important thing… the over heat in the HDSLR camera… i got these problem all the time… shooting more than 10 mins?…. what should i do…

kuntryd74 says:

much appreciated!! I just got the t2i and im looking to learn more aout filmmaking with it.

galvar2bos says:

U keep posting good work

flash132222 says:

the camera moving bothers me so much

laduster550 says:

Nice one, great tutorial for beginners! Just one small thing – it’s MPEG4 not MPEG2.

LucidDreamTricks says:

Awesome video, although the audio clips quite a bit

Stefano Bergomas says:

Great work Tony!

TK42138 says:

Nicely explained. 

garryentropy says:

makes me think of kubricks nasa camera lens

khachank says:

@Thenewyorkcritic i have a 5d mkii in the box for sale , with canon australia warranty . but i will only sell in Australia , are you in Aus?

Matt Famularo says:

@Thenewyorkcritic <$2500

Cheejyg says:

@NextWaveG I didn’t experience the “rolling shutter effect” on Canon EOS 550D and I am moving the camera very fast from left to right and back does this mean that they upgraded the CMOS sensor??

TaurusPresents says:

Good tips. I am a photographer and often present at events. I make films recently, with the Canon 5D Mark II. I have on my YouTube channel a few movies now. And I learn every day what is possible the DSLR.

Cheejyg says:

Very informative, I really liked how you portray the pros and cons of DSLR.

Cheejyg says:

Canon EOS 60D

lwj033 says:

Awesome, WHat DSLR do you suggest? A good price with quality as a filmaker? Please reply

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