How Can I Take Better Photos in Low Light?

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Better low light photos don’t necessarily require a better camera. Generally you can get better low light photos simply by using the right settings or implenting a some DIY tricks. Here’s how.


zem1956 says:


itscourtcourt818 says:

Thank you so much! Great video.

sarah20az says:

Wow, I think this was informative and helped me a lot. I have no problem with outdoor sun photos, but low light is new to me! You look fine and the music was ok. People like to be rude when they feel you are better then them, so take their criticism as an underhanded compliment. It’s easy to judge people from across a computer/ iPad screen! They probably sit at home and watch YouTube all day and have nothing better to do!

360mix says:

kill this music way to loud

objedi9 says:

CHANGE MUSIC!!! Please 🙂

emilang says:


euph0ny says:

Tip for any future videos you make lifehacker……………don’t put crappy music in the background, it detracts from what you’re saying, which IS interesting and useful. thank you.

chamoy0destruction says:

I fell asleep

Mikesmooth49 says:

Where you get that bg music. Dont tell me you own that cd. lol

Elephant Room Creative says:

this guy is creepy.

Flasher732 says:

lol 69 likes 🙂

ra s. says:

Is he using a Foundation and lip gloss.

functlogic says:

5d mkii

rectify2003 says:

Irritating music, I couldnt watch the video anymore.

CDGMuzik says:

What kind of cam is this..?

adtc says:

You guys should stop using completely unrelated background music.. especially at such loud volume. It’s so damn distracting!

ababc666 says:

i think even the speech giver himself was high and distracted by the bg hehe

emirabal says:

What DSLR do you take apart 48 seconds in to the video.

nosaj311 says:

Excellent video, and GREAT background music. Thanks for posting who the artist is. Wish more online videos used DOF to such great effect.

werty1432k says:

I only noticed it at 2:30 in lol

JakeJumpsHigh says:

Are you high because the BG music did not bother me till now.. and im..high.

JakeJumpsHigh says:

Can you tell me what camera and lense you used in this video it looks very nice.. I like the focus.

Jahmon85 says:

damn this music background is way too loud …

PumptheVolumeJohn says:

witch camera did you use to record this video?

riomar m says:

240p FTW

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