This Week in Focus – Episode 2 – Easing DSLR Video

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This Week in Focus – Episode 2 – Easing DSLR Video … taking a look at the D-Focus system for your DSLR video shooting. Useful Links Supplied by My 2nd Channel Website Twitter Google+ Facebook


triggerdance says:

hi dave! i love your videos! if you like i could make some reviews for you! i know loads about cameras and audio recorders!

YoniTechVids says:

This sucks for me, I’m currently using a FujiFilm S2950

Tim Samoylovich says:

So how much does the set up cost the rack and the defocus minus the camera

Maxsdiscos says:

$319 is expensive, I wouldn’t be competent to say whether it’s fair or not, but it’s not cheap.

TheMugfaker says:

i use a Jar opener! £5 on Amazon… Not as hi-tech as this but it works 🙂

vince11211 says:

Hi, My name is Vince, I was looking at your site and I feel that I could be a positive add-on to the promotion of your site. I am tech reviewer on YouTube. My audience is very technology focused. Even though I can not guarantee a great review, I do promise a fair review. The review take place on YouTube. I would have links in the sidebar to the products. I am very open to suggestions. I currently have about 18 subscribers and almost 3,000 views in my first month. (making good progres) Also, I j

backdoorman1971 says:

loving the vids Dave!

AAHReviews says:

Nice, but in my opinion not worth the immense amout of money for what one actually gets. Maybe someday………. Thanks

bollinger1000 says:

serious bit of gear.

Franklin S. says:

awesome video, as always 🙂

JCSBTVProductions says:

There no dout that this is a grate foucus system but the sholder mount looks to fragile. I would rather save up for a Steadicam if I was going to use one all the time.

AJX000 says:

Loving these new shows Dave. Good job 🙂

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