Ansel Adams: Landscape Photography at its Finest

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Photos by Ansel Adams Music: ‘Jósep Tekur Fimmuna Í Vinnuna’ by Sigur Ros……………………………………………………………………… Beautiful all round


alanbstard4 says:

my my, forget to have your morning tug?

1100010000 says:

your arrogance is very pitiful little man.

alanbstard4 says:


yes we all await new concepts & processes

1100010000 says:

“I eagerly await new concepts and processes. I believe that the electronic image will be the next major advance. Such systems will have their own inherent and inescapable structural characteristics, and the artist and functional practitioner will again strive to comprehend and control them.” -Ansel Adams, The Negative

dont mess with me boy.

alanbstard4 says:

oh yes, also no one knows what Adams would have thought of digital. Kodak made the first practical one in 1975, Ansell died in 1984. Wasn’t much digital around in 84 to challenge film. Adams to my knowledge never used digital, and he was hardly around to be excited by it

Not many digi cameras now that will challenge a large format film camera at the top end

alanbstard4 says:

my point is paying for and learning to use software. A pain in the arse. Digital is great as a convenience and has it’s pluses and minuses

When did I make a reference to digital camera size and what has that to do with it?

1100010000 says:

well, a 5d is by far not the top end of digital photography, i hope you are aware of that. i photograph with a phase one digital back, a silvestri bicam II and several rodenstock digaron and sironar lenses. this system offers me far more flexibility as the cameras ansel used, so whats your point?

alanbstard4 says:

certainly id he used his medium and large formats he would get bigger and better pics

Adams may have liked digital. It would depend if he liked digital menus I can’t stand them and I own a 5D

1100010000 says:

wrong. he was very excited about digital technology. he would actually use an alpa, silvestri or arca swiss technical camera to produce even more precise images. stop this stupid nostalgia, its pointless.

Koolkat197 says:

I loved the video, but where did you get the song?

finallynaturalbeauty says:

Beautiful pics.!!

DukelyandSusan says:

In college I took several photography classes. I liked black and white photography; it was challenging. I tried and teed to get the clarity the clarity of Ansel Adams’ work. One photo I took in Colorado came close, but it really wasn’t noteworthy of Ansel Adamms’ work.

Corerrai says:

I bet if ansel Adams was still alive he would be still using his old box camera, and would still get better pictures than an EOS 5D.

arbanaskocudo says:

good old real photos

Satya Ray says:

@axion3812 shit what a typo….sorry its Henri Cartier-Bresson

Satya Ray says:

@axion3812 Henri Cartier-Bressont and Alfred Stieglitz. Anyway its been a year since your comment so I am sure you have learned the spellings by now 🙂

atticbasementattic says:

0:42 looks like a fairy tale. Incredible.

MrPregnantpanda says:

because he lives in america? duhhh

aceschu88 says:

I was just given 3 books of ansel adams’ photography , come to find out they are personlized to my grandpa and now there mine , along with a silver platter award he won !

Elbis Usuca says:

amo la fotografía guapa, hasta gané un concurso. se copiar blanco y negro y todo. antes de la fotografía digital cada click tenía mas valor.

LetArtsLive says:

he was the photography master…peace

drinks2muchbeer says:

i wish i had the freedom to travel and photography

admx94 says:

the US

russ cabiguen says:

simply fantastic,,and yes its timeless;-)

CCPhotographyandFilm says:

Wonderful photographs:)

vickiehill1 says:

What a fantastic video. I love all of Ansel Adams work. What a great great photographer. His photos are just magnificent!

kalamata50 says:

doz pics dey ar tekin in A.M.E.R.I.C.A.

Zinghara says:

@Noshbomb No, could you correct me, please?

Zinghara says:

Does someone know where are taken those pics, please????

Aardsbijtje says:

LOVE it… really one of the best

Nasyid1 says:

0:43 probable the greatest picture our world thank you Ansel .. you saw God 

Christopher Cauble says:

I’ll never be able to get enough of Ansel’s photography. It is truly timeless.

sonia meziat says:


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