Macro Photography how to

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Some of my gear and macro photograhy shots from the last 2 weeks.


Twostones00 says:

Great stuff. The black and white of the flower was my favorite.

Sara Ali says:

Why all insects ? Ew

Cedrick Watts says:

Hello there! Have you had any luck with photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My friend Jamie made some very incredible pictures with their video tutorials.

speckyprick says:

Is that macro set up good for pornography photos?

bryan edman says:

amazing stuff! I’m going to have to try and find some of those tubes. Not sure if they will work with my Nikon but I’m googleing it right now!

ronald ferreira says:

wonderful flute

messaboutz says:

Im Using My Tripod That Your Sitting On… Ooops! Sorry!

asturiamagaly says:

Nice pic love all of them

ProjectCinema4D says:

what material was used for the diffuser part

007clx says:

Have you tried Atomic Fat Loss? (Go google it) It is a quick way to lose weight fast.

MrSeops says:

really nice

eddie gildea says:

i like it good pics ov the jumping spiders imagine if these were dog size…lol

kornrocker89 says:

Wow this is really awesome! Now im saving up 700 euros to get a macro lense!

zSimicDesign says:

I use the same thing. You must have a lot of patience. sometimes I manage to approuch to insects even on 5 cm. It is hard, but not imposibble, all you must do is to act really slow and not block the sun light. If sunlight is blocked by your shadow or lense it is very much possible that your object will leave the scene.

Emily Worthington says:

those spiders are CRAZY! nice work!!

luka3rd says:

Nice rig, nice photos, nice music… Cool!

Ivan Coutinho says:

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wvo0ovw says:

I thought he would talk about how to set aperture, ISO and such.. wtf.

bob marley says:

never mind how close he was to the snake dam those spiders look badass

DomedProductions says:

Great Photos Mate!

Radoslav Yordanov says:

Outstanding work

MrMackanno says:

Is that the Kenko Extension tube? I love that trio, it’s great, I even pu it on my 100mm L and thing go way close!
Beautiful pictures!

niggaro12 says:

which materials did u use for flash diffuser?
Awesome pics btw!

burubura says:

100th like 🙂

SNemesis says:

Amazing photos, thx for share!

Subaro0o says:

i LOVE jumping spiders.. nice shots

ExileOnMainStreetNYC says:

I’ve seen dozens of photo tip videos and I like this one the best. Great tips. Good job.

jerseyman9080 says:

Well then you can never be a good photographer and human being.

BamaOutdoorsman says:

I will be adding more how to photo vids soon.

pedromendesba says:

I would love to kill some of those spiders with a Flamethrower! By the way, very nice pics!

niggardlyways says:

We’re sitting on your tripod? Ouch…..

Ullimately says:

I also like jumping spiders but try close-up filters. You dont lose any light with them but you lose a lot of light with extension tubes. Less light could also mean the auto-focus might not work that well.

Ullimately says:

Dont you get a lot of dust into your camera when you treat it like that?…removing the lens and wagging around with the camera everything exposed?

Thomas Helmer says:

WAUW that is amazing… Really like the pictures and the video! Nice to see that kind of quality shots can be made on a budget a bit more suited for a us “normal” folks:-)

halshazly says:

I love the pictures and video. I wish you can share with us some of the techniques or settings you used in some of the pics to learn a bit more. Thanks

UTxLabRat says:

Well done thnx for the great video and creative ideas.

JJ BFILM says:

Outstanding… Beautiful work.. Much gratitude for the motivation.

OttomanZC says:

Just amazing amazing pictures! These are taken with a tripod? Doesn’t it take too long to set up your tripod etc., don’t the bugs move meanwhile?

David Beeken says:

Sorry can’t help with that question as I use Nikon Cameras and my 2x tele converter works with only some of my lenses, try researching canon teleconverters and their lenses they work with. Good luck.

fawkinjoocy says:

when looking at your photos it makes me wonder why didn’t you increase the f/stop?

porschepanamera92 says:

Hey, thanks! 🙂 Do you know anything about those teleconverters? Do they only work with telelenses from the L series?

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