Night HDR Timelapse Tutorial Using Camera FV-5 For Android

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A timelapse tutorial using Camera FV-5 app for Android. I discuss how to shoot a HDR timelapse, and how to take a long exposure timelapse. Get Camera FV-5 now at


smarzyciel says:

Sorry but what is a software to merge this pictures into this fantastic timelipse ??

Nico Gallitano says:

Yes ! Pls a HOWTO for PC and Android to make this fantastic Timelapse

androidei94 says:

He uses galaxy s2

TheAfiaProductions says:

Hey man, what Samsung phone are you using and where did you get a tripod mount for smartphones? I’d like to find a mount for my Galaxy Note GT-N7000 to put it on a tripod. Thanks in advance

el pantera says:

¿como enfoco? porque no me deja sacar la foto solo si me voy a configuracion y pongo permitir sin enfocar

Anes Messaibi says:

just believe it

EgyptUnderGroundArmy says:

haha dude he is being sarcastic and making fun of the iphone i can’t believe you didnt get it xD

smarzyciel says:

I have been using this camera … It’s brilliant … Great addition to my htc one X built in camera.

Anes Messaibi says:

The application is available only in Android phones, not for iPhone, so they want it in their iPhones

TheZippoMike says:

what is this “iphone” people are talking about ?

Ernie Perez says:


Firmansyah Masterplan says:

Nice app

Visit instagram @masterplanvmen all take by camerafv5

MeNwEr MeRo says:

how can i make a video like you made ??

treyno1991 says:

iPhone version coming?

twindocsandroid says:

When for iPhone?

kooken58 says:

Very nice video, the app/phone camera probably isnt powerful enough to do timelapse night sky photo’s is it? hahaa.

booshidosblindblade says:

Very good controls in this app. I am still getting used to it,but it is great so far. What sort of phone mount is used in the video?

HaiNam Nguyen says:

very nice! i hope symbian has app like that!

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