Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Angel Transformation [ Speed Art ]

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Adobe Photoshop CS6: Angel Transformation Music created by Jez1x Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe. 🙂 Twitter Website: Facebook http Audio file provided by


juan carlos gutierrez gonzalez says:

Ola DONDE descargo Esas AlaS?? esta muy bueno tu tutorial 🙂

Rosie Rodriguez says:

She’s from scary moive

Peyton Blotsky says:

like if u want wings to fly

xdarknessfallls says:

Those who are complaining. It’s a transformation, not a tutorial ha ha.

Cindy Roberts says:

Really fast, but i know this is a transformation not a tutorial 🙂

Aldin Dalton says:

good job, i will give this a shot sometime 🙂

DarkoEclipse says:

love your work. keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

wetphotography says:

good work! plz make a tutorial.

gamingtacticsx says:

cool, i really like it. 

Kandas Turner says:

I love the final image.

Rick Santos says:

great job, can’t wait for the tutorial friend

NewWorldOps says:

Hey! I will be uploading a tutorial on how to do this, Very soon. This was just a quick transformation video I made. Thanks to all who enjoyed & tutorial coming soon! 🙂

nyzluvcool says:

it’s damn fast i cant do it

Mouzekiller83 says:

i use wing brushes for this and become the same effect.but nice video 🙂

Lilliana Rivera Penaloza says:

you are going way too fast

NewWorldOps says:

To create a new layer you can push, control + shift + n or you can select “new layer” at the bottom right of the screen. To move another layer onto another layer you just have to delete the background or use the lasso tool to go around the selection you want to keep and right click layer via copy and drag that onto your main layer. hope this helps.

Oh Hai says:

And also, how do you create a layer, and put the objects in a other photo? like you did!

Oh Hai says:

How do you make layers 🙂

Theskygod100 says:

Okay i need help i merged the girl in mybackground and the wings are on a different layer but when i use the healing brush tool the girl erases too why?

joel villanueva says:

great peace of work..and a million thanks for the tutorial.

NewWorldOps says:

Just make sure when you’re blending the wings, you have that layer selected and behind other layers if you created more than 1 layer for that picture. You can use the delete tool to delete uneaded wing parts. Sorry if that didn’t make sense. It would be easier if I saw it haha

Pullthetrigger1423 says:

so i put the wings on and then when i went to blend the wings it ereases all of her and the wing ? how do i fix it please help

Beth Cooper says:


Ashley Miller says:

Cool video, but can you slow down & tell us how you did it please?

userforthetubes says:

make a tutorial please?! :)

neemaei84 says:

great work well done

69PureEnergy says:

good job

jim carey says:

So good! i am downloading cs6 right now.

notix14 says:

Good stuff!
When are you gonna make tutorials?

LuxGasm says:

Sick as fuck<3

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