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Adorama Photography TV presents the Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR camera. This week Mark provides a hands-on review of the camera that is made for photography enthusiasts and beginners alike. Canon’s EOS HD video capture, three-inch Vari-Angle Clear View LCS screen, Scene Intelligent Auto mode and new feature guide instruction make for a feature-packed point-and-shoot DSLR. For related articles and videos, and to buy the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, go here: Visit for more photography videos! Send your questions to:


shayan rahman says:

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actuallydeniz says:

Really? Wow this comment actually gave me a little confidence for when I get it….

Armahx says:

I just bought this bundled with an extra lens for only 649.99 before taxes and shipping. As a newb the camera intimidated me at first but after just one hour of playing around with it, i’m comfortable with it.

ImC00LyourNOT says:

i just shot a video on my t3i its called “epic fish battle” check it out if you want to see a sample of how the camera performs in action scenes and different lighting.. thumbs up so others can check it out..

madskizophrenik says:

This was a good review…I have looked at several other ones but I think this one already convinced me…time to order 🙂

xvbstudios says:

What’s this canon EOS different from the other cameras that has lenses and comes with the whole package? It’s practically more expensive then the orignal Nekon whish is $300 :3

AlfaShedar says:

but there is muche more :DDD … u can upgrade firmware on camera and after this instal Magic LAterns :DDD what make alot HIDEN ( yes Hiden :)) ) setings VISSSIBLE :)) .. all those setings are invisible ( not avilable ) before ML insal and Firmware upgrade..after all this u can have next Menue with Trust me on this.. muche muche muche muche muche more setings and stuff to switch or change 😉 .. ML alsow can make shooter works in 8000/s 😉 but in factory mode is only 4000/s 😉 so google it 🙂

Ishan Silva says:

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chechiib says:

totally want to get this (: !

Gabriela Lozano says:

Thanks so much for the review, I’m getting a camera this weeked and I have been comparing so many, looks like this one has won me over!:)

WonTonDahn says:

It has a built in flash but I would upgrade with a Canon Speedlite.


Does this have a built in flash or do you need to buy it sepretly

TheKrunchCapt says:

Just picked mine up yesterday. Also got the 50-300 mm lens and it ROCKS! I do concert photography and sports and have always shot with film SLR so this is a jump for me but so far I can tell its going to be a whole new world all over again only in DIGITAL! Great camera!

loi22 says:


MrThatkid831 says:

started using this camera in my ROP Photo-Tech class todauy…fell in love with it as soon as we started to shoot pics…really want to get my own!!!

Erick Ely says:

haha i’d love to give you the answer but unfortunately it hasn’t come in the mail yet… i posted that the day i ordered it, it should be in by the end of this week. i bought the body, a standard 18-135mm lens and extra batteries and it was about $1053. for the price it’s a great camera. if you have more to spend i’d say go upwards (60D, 7D, or 5D).. but then again leave money left over for the lens (I paid $430 for mine!) i sacrificed the better camera for a better lens, which many suggest

Jackson9797 says:

hey, thinking about picking up the t3i? is it any good?

Erick Ely says:

just purchased it an hour ago.. spent almost as much on the lens than i did on the body itself… let’s hope it lives up to what everybody’s saying about it!!!

Cj Thow says:

wow. watching this video makes me wanna buy it now. got the t3 but i reallu like the t3i now ^^

0ddFutureW0lf says:


iitzBissainthe says:

What the HELL is wrong with you

Laura V.A says:

My mom has this camera…I use it more than her might as well be mine 😉 lol jk

2112gil says:


0ddFutureW0lf says:

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ChibiSugar says:

3:26 : “How the auto focus is working”

I guess it does.

Tokolozi says:


HotIceStudios says:

lol nvm iheard

HotIceStudios says:

so for the video is 1080p correct?

TechNinja98 says:

yes it does. 🙂

howdylee13 says:

throw it into iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. I died…

afthefragile says:

Yes it does. In fact that’s the only view you get while shooting video. Though you can’t zoom into 5x or 10x and focus while recording like you can when not recording.

Tahne Lutz says:

THANK YOU for posting this video! I just received my first SLR camera, and I appreciate the simple overview you have provided.

Petko Petkovski says:

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cushways123 says:


branddooon says:

Does the screen show a live view when shooting video?

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SoccerNinja12 says:

want this camera!!!

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