GIMP 2.8 Tutorial – Picture in a Picture

or copy the link GIMP tutorials photo editing. This GIMP tutorial demonstrates how to combine two photos so that it appears that one photo is painting the other. GIMP version 2.8.0 was used for this video. Link to hand and paper image http Link to bird image GIMP website


windbag4 says:

Amazing! Thank You 🙂

DanielPanekTV says:

Where is 10:37 i am ASKING!!??

Markus Herzi says:

good job!

ElectrifiedNinja says:


ampypre04 says:

when you put the first image which is the paper and a hand,, how did you put again the other picture which is a bird?? plase help me..

leetlekeety says:

Do you mean the layers menu is not showing up? You can open it by pressing CTRL+L or by going to Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Layers. Hope this helps 🙂

Judy Kunz says:

I really only want to put a skin diver figure into a picture. The whole right hand side of the screen where you “alpha-somethinged” layers isn’t in my Gimp at all. Does anyone have a simpler tutorial for putting one object into another picture in the Gimp 2.8. I’ve tried the tutorials for older versions of Gimp and they are not working.

TheFreakMan69 says:

Very Nice!

how2websiteblog says:

Awesome video, looking for more. Definitely worth a share on my blog!

Taji Hailey says:

You are THE BOMB BRO!!!! THANKS!!!!

2235peter2235 says:

You´re videos are very good thanks 🙂

thomas janes says:

thank you!very helpful:)

SerenityFL says:

Finally! A tutorial that doesn’t just assume we know where to go, you show us every single step of the way. THIS is how a tutorial is supposed to be! A thousand thank yous!


thomas janes says:

Great tutorail im still a gimp beginner, but this video has helped a lot:)

alakadaka1998 says:


Alex Chan says:

Thanks for your movie!

veronicathecow says:

Clear, informative and no annoying music! Perfect many thanks for taking the time to do this vid.

basketballluv26 says:

Mine dosent work.
My second picture wont go on the paper part.
Could you please help me?

Wijnand Bles says:

Duidelijke uitleg txks

Marineboy1935 says:

How do you make the second image bigger when you put it on the 1st picture. So they look alike.

mosquitoebites says:

thank you so much!!!… pls dont stop posting video tutorial!!!!

Gregory Chang says:

excellent presentation, slow and planned, thank you.

hempelssofabc says:

Great Tutorials! Easy to understand, even for me (=not natural english speaker and gimp beginner) Thank you!

Иван Сидоров says:

How to Make animated Pop Up for photo in Gimp ???
As here –

Bjorn Zubrycki says:

Thank you very much. You make it look like nothing. I must around with gimp an photo shop and i was slowly learning, mostly from generous people like you who teach……..that a big part of photo editing is in the layers, it was fun watching keep it up please 🙂

DrSmart20 says:

XD really nice really simple too! most of what you said was obvious to me as i am experienced with gimp, but i learned a few things and I would really enjoy doing this as well. though since i dont have a decent camera I will have to rely on stock

eugenetswong says:

How did you learn how to use that disolve? I find that the documentation on the web is difficult to understand.

Also, when it comes to removing certain colours, which colours are best for removing? I tried removing some, but always found that the tools left a little behind. Also, I was under the impression that a green or blue background would work best for removing the background.

eugenetswong says:

I just thought of a tip: actualy pencil something in, so that there will be a reference for how the fake pencil should look; during editing, remove the pencil marks.

KuDeGrasBonVoyage says:

Good teacher! I’ve learned a ton from your tutorials. It’s really outstanding that you take the time to share your skills with everyone!

sctslincoln says:

I subscribed! You are the best! I learn something new in every video

andrew wardle says:

dude ur the best iv watched like all videos but it never gets old thanks so much

TheAbneyCrew says:


hollywood1765 says:

Now that’s a tutorial!!!!!!

Steve27775 says:

Excellent tutorial. Really easy to follow.

I find that it looks better without using dissolve on the black and white layer. The final ‘painting’ has well-defined edges, and therefore presumaby the drawing would also have sharp, well-defined edges, so I think it looks better to leave the mode as normal and maybe bring up the contrast a bit.

nikolasroubos7 says:

Perfect!!! Absolutely F A N T A S T I C

sapphireangels7 says:


Judie OldKoloa says:

Another nice video. Thank you.

Welson Jonhson says:

NOW, THAT´S A TUTORIAL. Dude I cant say how happy and thankful I am about fiding this tutorial. You make the best open source tuts I ever seen. o/

Ty Johnson says:

Excellent tutorial, thank you

karhoo1984 says:

thanks for a really good and easy to understand tutorial!

JonesDoesntDie says:

Nice, well done, you really helped me, even if I don’t understand everything (i’m german), you spoke loud and clearly. Good job!

bnskproductions says:

great, easy to follow tutorial, i subscribed

victor2410 says:

That was an amazing tutorial! thanks very much!

Anne Davies says:

Please! Please! Don’t ever stop doing tutorials! Thank You 😀

Mark Travis says:

I like your vid’s there easy to under stand , i was wondering if you could do a Vid on making a reflection of a Photo on Water , where it has a lil wave in it like its really being reflected off the water

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