GIMP Tutorial – Fire Effect

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*IMPORTANT – CLICK SHOW MORE TO GET THE G’MIC PLUGIN. This video has annotations, so make sure you have them switched on. This tutorial shows how to create a fire effect using the G’MIC plugin for GIMP. You can get G’MIC for free here: If you want the horse and fire image you can download the images here in a zip: – also includes the finished XCF image. When you download G’MIC you need to know what version of Windows you are using and whether it is 32bit or 64bit. If 32bit, there is an installer you can download. If 64bit you need to download the 64bit zip, and put the files contained in the zip into your plug-ins folder in GIMP. If you don’t install the correct version for your operating system, then it won’t work.


gloryustrio says:


Billy Kerr says:

Didn’t you see the video description under the video – where it says *IMPORTANT – CLICK SHOW MORE TO GET THE G’MIC PLUGIN?????

Lucas Dias says:

My Gimp 2.8 no have the option “G’MC” !!

Billy Kerr says:

This video has annotations SO SWITCH THEM ON IF YOU WANT TO READ THEM!!!!. Perhaps if you had read the video description where it tells you this, you wouldn’t have posted such a dumb comment.

Billy Kerr says:

There are annotations on the video with full instructions, so switch on your annotations if you want to read them. Also there is a pause button! plus all the files are available for download under the video in the description, including the finished XCF file. Lots of people have managed to complete this tutorial already.

Jessica Nystrom says:

beautiful, but impossible to learn from! Way too fast and just clicking all over the screen without explaining what you were doing, can’t read and watch for the icons at the same time. But like I said, this is gorgeous!

MrRandomAwsomeGuy says:

wow this is so good looking 🙂

Juan Sebastián Flores Funez says:

Sos un genio total.

Frau Dreizehn says:

Great job!!! sin palabras, te felicito!!!

starfishpop1997 says:

Thank you so much for this!!!!!! im having so much fun using diffrent pictures!

AvarusRex says:

It’s called reading. Words go from left to right. Group them all together to form a sentence.

kryptonion1 says:

these are always the dumbest tutorials. how am i to know how to do this if your not talking and walking me through it? smh ugh.

Billy Kerr says:

Si, si es!! Nunca había pensado en eso antes. Gracias por tu comentario.

armis figueroa says:

De la naturaleza a la magia…. : ) GRACIAS

WaRpEdProductionz says:

That looks amazing! well done

Billy Kerr says:

de nada.

Bernardino Santiago says:


Cheryl Virtue says:

I have a 32bit and when I downloaded it it still was grayed out on my gimp 2.8 even after i rebooted can anyone help thank you

Billy Kerr says:

Excellent!! I think you rock too!!!

Narryaque says:

I used this tutorial to make a Loki fanart. He looks AWESOME!
You rock!

Billy Kerr says:

Great!!! Glad it worked for you. Thanks for the feedback

Gerald Pata says:

Excellent demonstration! Thank you for the video and this effect I was able to complete.

Zach Till says:

ok. thank you very much.

Billy Kerr says:

You need to double click the installer for G’MIC – the file you downloaded – then you need to restart GIMP to finish the plug-in installation. The instructions to install G’MIC are on the G’MIC web page. It does definitely work – or I wouldn’t have been able to make this tutorial!!!!

Zach Till says:

i downloaded it, and it’s not showing up in gimp and it won’t install.

Billy Kerr says:

Hi Angel. Yes G’MIC is an addon you have to download and install separately. If you click “SHOW MORE” under the video, the link to get G’MIC is there.

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