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Adorama Photography TV presents the Nikon D4. This week Mark shares his first impressions of the Nikon’s next generation flagship DSLR camera. Watch as Mark walks you through a selection of photos showcasing the D4’s impressive capabilities. Mark also touches upon the newest features of the D4, including the FX-format CMOS image sensor and the 51 focus point AF system. Nikon D4 DSLR Camera: Visit for more photography videos! Send your questions to:


Faymusmedia says:

You talk about dynamic range, if you think the D4 has dynamic range go use the D800E. That camera is insane!

higui20 says:

It’s either college or .. D4

andrettransformer says:

No one cares

Victoria Young says:

Hello! Have you considered photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My friend Annie made some mind blowing photography with their photography tutorials.

slrdigitalcamera says:

best of the best Nikon DSLR (y)

ladytambunan says:

dear santa…

CJAwesome83x says:

I wish I lived in Phoenix Arizona, seems like a cool place!

sheck welle says:

There is no big improvements from D3S, maybe the video and still weak compared to canon.If you are a D3S owner save your money until D4S unless you don’t have a budget issue, from D3X the D4 is a downgrade in resolution, but if you are Nikon heavy sport or action shooter the D4 is good choice because it’s far away faster than its predecessors.

deceptikhon says:

Mark will you be doing a review on the Canon 1Dx? or a comparison with the D4 and the 1Dx?

eakiboz says:

I wanna thank you Mark and Adorama for all these reviews. You guys ROCK!
from now on I am buying everything I need from Adorama 🙂

Pro photographer.

Mycoughlin says:

You must enjoy Top gear USA aswell.

C2567 says:

“I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see… then one day.. I got in!”


C2567 says:

“I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see… then one day.. I got in!”


JogBird says:

i like that you dont goof around like some idiots on youtube (DRTV)

KellyAnn Sullivan says:

Please check out some of my photos 🙂
at kellyann248.deviantart . com
there is land/waterscapes and also self/emotive portraits
No hate please 🙂

TheDx917 says:

if you’re a D3X owner then sell the D3X and buy a D800 with some new lenses !!

pannysat says:

there must be a reason why he is not reviewing the d800.

Grin Cad says:

Give me 36months mark I will d4

mackidd51 says:

10:17, Mark:” Its called.. exposurecompesationasdasdafdasfasfasfd” that was fast O_O

terenas1986 says:

Canon cameras always had Flash Exposure Compensation :P (even my 350D has it ;))

Bijan Alpha says:

i’m waiting for d800 review 😉

Sergio Moran says:

what if I’m moving from a D3??? Would you recommend the move???  Cheers.

Juan Loza says:

Would you recommend this camera, for nature photography anywhere to wildlife to landscape. Juan-

noelsiso says:

Thank you, you always en light with your knowledge. Love these vids they keep me afloat and to try to do the best images with my current gear, very informative…. GREEAT WORK!

TheFilmingMachine says:

I will. Thanks!

adoramaTV says:

AdoramaPRO is a series of videos here on AdoramaTV. We have a separate playlist for those videos on our channel. Check it out!

Tanaka Clark says:

what lens were you using for the portrait shot at 06:38? thx:)

LordTenebrus says:

Mike? Who’s this Mike person? Maybe you mean Mark? 🙂

glennskitchen says:

Best review of D4 – thank you Mark

valdezapg says:

as do nikons

Bernardo Segura says:

great review Mark, i love it

Jean Bish says:

Great job, as always! I’d love to see a D800 review as well!

Glenn Steven says:

Probably the most in depth review I’ve seen yet.Very interesting to see what the future holds for new bodies.

MichaelJordon1 says:

Great review, I’m still thinking of a second camera, got a D3s, not sure if I go for D4 or D800, even considered D3x, I don’t video-so wondering if anyone can advise?

Thanks guys!

ScotPhotography says:

Thanks for tucking in you shirt!!!!!!

harrybean2006 says:

Great overview. Can’t afford it, but watching your video is the next best thing!

TheSIHProductions says:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,Spectacular,10…Scale of 1 to 10

majnos says:

even D5k1 has more DR than D4 😉 but only at the lowest iso

impactdee says:

Great Video! as always!! do a nikon d800 review please!!!

LizardanNet says:

Sorry mark but the d3x has more dynamic range than the d4.

gordontarpley says:

I like this review. Nice job.

Andrew Ly says:

“So I would rate that on a scale of one to ten at SPECTACULAR”
Aha love it

Jason Petorak says:

@Anders Cheong – You’d be surprised what you can do when you put your mind to it. Promote yourself and charge a little more and before long this will seem more attainable.

dlancaster99 says:

How does the Canon 5D mk III stack up in regard to low light shooting and the D4’s dynamic range?

Anders Cheong says:

I’m dreaming of a camera that i cant get.

MrCoolAttitude says:

Would love to see a comparison between the D4 and the 1DX

philbeav says:

Thanks Mark, another very helpful and informative review. Keep up the great work.

TheFilmingMachine says:

where is adorama PRO?

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