Black and White Photography by Richard Armstrong.Music:Song of Sophia by Dead Can Dance.

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Dramatic black and white photography of rural northern England,it’s landscapes and it’s castles.


Hulio7271 says:

Wonderful images!

Pianopod says:


266srm says:

Beautiful photography.

kmontalvo19 says:

photo at 51 sec. looks like tiny dancers caught in motion

TheDeac65 says:

I’ve always preferred B&W photography, even as a kid. Great shots. Good song as well.

Philip Scott Johnson says:

Very nice work

porkindorthy says:

These are great

claudiogi61 says:


NatureARTerutaN says:

I made a break from youtube and it’s a great surprise to come back and see that you have uploaded a new black & white photo video! It was such a pleasure to watch!
I love your b&w photography!!!

Simone Scozzari says:

…I missed this one…impressive work! Great macht between music and pics….stunning the shot at 2:00 !
Great pics! 😉

IncessantArdor says:

Very nice work indeed. The music just ties it in.

3Zea says:

Very nice work

aviewphotography says:

no prob great work keep it up

bigfoka says:

very nice work mate i taught you well.

DrunkYellowMonkey says:

Top pic’s Rich, fantastic lighting on the castle at 45 seconds. Really fab, well done

iamtheuseless1 says:

Very nice – love the DCD music too, very fitting

gusti1231 says:

Superb! Interesting choice of music, DCD seems to realy fit the spirit of these photos. Way to go Richard, makes me proud. Peace.

greenapple963 says:

Excellent! 🙂

nyoromo724 says:

Beautiful !! Not only photos but this song! I’m Japanese, so I can’t
understand the meaning of the lyrics. It this something religious song?

Annie Grant says:

Love 3.42. you need to teach me the cloud thing,

iDarrenJ says:

Great work.

Great song.

Video is very well made. Makes you feel like your part of this world/location where there is no other people.

Looking forward to the next video.

LibanPhotography says:

good stuff richard!

jodz75 says:

lol… obviously I chatted too much on my last comment because I ran out of room to be able to let you know what my favourite shots were ;P
( this is a short list from my original, because in all honestly trying to pick a select few was almost near impossible.)
.37, .44, 1.12, 1.27, 1.40, 1.54, 2.02 ( AMAZING!!!) 2.22, and my absolute faves were 2.29, 3.43 and 4.01 ( HOLY SHIT ..I am in awe! …. would love to buy prints from you of these!! )
Beautiful work Richard…& so worth the wait!

jodz75 says:

*jaw dropped to ground*… WOW RICHARD!
I wish I could hit the like button a million times over because this video is so hauntingly and stunningly beautiful….and such a wonderful visionary pleasure for all of the senses . ( perfect song choice too!! )
From the moody and dramatic skies, to the landscapes, panoramics and night shots – perfection at its absolute greatest.
( hope you seriously consider sending this to the English tourism board)
I am in awe of what you do!

Ben Furness says:

WOW… You’ve been busy 🙂 this is fantastic 😀

frederickforlife says:

Very nice work Richard.

A3737AA says:

A pair of the splendid photograph and song is dignified.  Very appreciation!
from Factory-CORE Captain Shin.

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