Creating a Timelapse Video from DSLR stills in Sony Vegas Pro

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A quick tutorial on how to take your Digital SLR image stills and turn them into a Time Lapse Video using Sony Vegas Pro. For more information on Time Lapse Photography and a great forum board, please visit: Also, Philip bloom has some great information on Cameras, Equipment and Tutorials on Time Lapse at:


mike62mcmanus says:

Im lost

shiftrip says:

Hi! I’ve been playing with vegas pro for a while now but I still can’t get a hang of rendering videos… I just can’t seem to find that right output format and settings. Either the video turns out too blurry, pixelated or too dark! Can anyone suggest an optimum setup to render my videos please?

stillinorbit1 says:

Thanks. At 4:04 you set the Options>Preferences>Editing>New still image length = 0.02 in order to get 30 frames/second. Why did you choose 0.02? When I do the math (e.g. 1/30), the value should be 0.333. 0.02 results in 50 frames/second. Or is my math fuzzy?

MoChiptune says:

i just wanna say THANK YOU

Sillisify says:

same here 😀

KdNiNjA83 says:

more ram

jermujorma says:

I get huge lag when i enter the images to the timeline! Sony Vegas stops responding and when i finally get them to the timeline, between every image i see a black flash like you would open and close your eyes rapidly :0. My PC is very powerful so the lag can’t be there because of bad processor etc. Do you have any suggestions?

FKOrangina says:

Thanks alot ! Exactly what i was searching for !

XFrigate says:

then its not good enough. i use 1minute to render 470 pictures into a 15 second long film in 1080p.

kontaktseistrup says:

I have a very fast computer (quard core ect.) but it still takes me A LOT of time to render even the smallest 5 second clip

kdvland says:


MrWp97 says:

thanks bud. Great tutorial. I owe you a beer.

FreaksOnTheRun says:

Thanks alot!
Will try that!

valarua says:

go to options – quantize to frames and disable it, then import your images

valarua says:

to disable it go to Options – > Quantize to Framse (disable it) then import your images once again

valarua says:

thanks a lot!

Peter Süß says:

Thanks you very much. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for weeks.

Lars Karlsson says:

Very great tutorial.

FreaksOnTheRun says:

same happen to me

Brekkje says:

Great tutorial!!

monkeh88 says:

i cant make it 0.020 cause when i do that only 1 image can be added until i make it 0.030 any solution for that ?

bmcgrew2 says:

dropping the .veg files right back in!!! YES! Exactly what I needed. Great Tutorial, thanks!

thomathome says:

awesome dude big help. works really well with the gopro hd hero 2.

Micha Medarmy says:

big big thx to you. find the adjustment very well at 0.060. then the video is slightly longer 😉

heanzi says:


SincerelyAND says:

Great video. What did you have the shutter timer at?

urKlimax says:

this made me dizzzzy, thx liked it 🙂

TehYoungie says:


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