How To Make a Panorama In Photoshop

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How to make a great panorama in 30 seconds. (C) 2008 Jonathan Ballands


Oxy Gen says:

OK, i might be newbie but why don’t we have high resolution photos and pan it by cropping?

willytrouble says:

this is awesome. thank you for the video!

MISTERsimplelogic says:

great demo, but I agree people should be much much more direct and clean the nonsense around the point they are trying to present

their is simply too much nonsense on the the web attached to important content

Justin D. Langlois says:

Did you ever manage to make it work? I’m getting the same issue and can’t quite figure it out.

Emily McGoldrick says:

Mine didn’t work 🙁

Emily McGoldrick says:

He actually starts instructing you what to do at 1:50

Rahul Kanuparthi says:

Great video

JoyDreamerJourney says:

This is great! Thanks! 😀

Verasoul says:

Thanks dude, helped me a lot.

Qwalsius says:

thank you thank you thank you. Just took my first trip to Chicago and took some photos knowing I wanted to to a panoramic. Can’t wait to do this on CS6. Great video!

VanIsleNuckFan says:

Great tutorial

MsSavonp says:

Love it! Thanks

Janelle Dalziel says:

Thank you so much!!! 🙂

MicroSamgg says:

Thanks so much, I couldn’t get my freeware to accomplish this but PS came through perfectly.

Zdzislaw Wolski says:

Oooo redy 2 min

Jordie59 says:

Pure genius

nebby12345 says:

T H A N K Y O U F O R S H A R I N G !!!!!!!! OMFG YOU JUST MADE MY LIFE 0329856983745698364598763498562983429384 TIMES EASIER!!!!!!

Abstract Matter says:

Find a reference point. In your first photo, have this reference point in the right ‘third’ of the frame. Second photo – the reference should now be in the left third. This rule helps me overlap my images about the right amount

SSTD09 says:

it means you should have 40% of the same picture as the last one.. don’t know if you understand.

Thomas Brecheisen says:


Freerideachterhoek says:

great, that’s what i was loooking for,…. saves me about 2 hours work hahaha

Fulanito de tal says:

Entire freaking thing,,,,YOU RIGHT!!! KOOL !!!

Juzaire alip says:

i have the same problem as can anyone help?

universetechnique says:

Your the best thanks.Upload more tutorials. Thai 3:01PM 4/8/2012

gabriela ensaldo says:

great job! I have a problem doing this, after pressing of the auto align it gives me a message that says “Layers do not overlap enough to detect alignment. In general, images intended for alignment should overlap by approximately 40%.” can i get any help?

Butterfunky7 says:

2 mins = 30 seconds apparently

imydaking says:

excellent going to try this today 😀

fLiTzee says:

too much talking but just what I needed

einsteinsaifoo says:

Save time: 01:12

Jaipicky says:

Hahaha… I just drooled… hahah!

coryjd70 says:

dont shoot in auto shoot in manual to get similar color of your skys, trees, and everything else

prandy12 says:

amazingg !:)

pimpdaddybooyow says:

thanks for this…

wolfy9005 says:

Forgot to mention, about the mid section of the pano there is a light section on the left and dark section on the right. Youtube has dodgy resolution so I can’t tell if the grass is just changing directions to change the colour or not. Just seems to stand out to me.

wolfy9005 says:

I love this guy

Hisham Nassar says:

how to put all of them at the same image at different layer ?

radhika chandra says:

whoa dude.. that was amazing! i always thought its a tedious job.. this is freakin genius! I LOVE PHOTOSHOP!

joej444 says:

Wow, wow, wow, thanks!

Nick Oacki says:

incredible man!!

jlouieg says:

great work! thanks!

José Campos says:

Hi dud, i agree totalt with you how simple it is and fast. With à tripod gives u à lot sharper imagesand later HDR……so cool.

Do you know how to record a watermark? Dont need to be a fanzy one in cs so u don’t need to do that work on every picture???

Jose from Sweden.

jmstew0319 says:

Your photos are different exposure levels probably because you are using an auto mode on your camera. Shoot in manual and use the same settings for each photo.

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