Learn Close-up Photography (Macro) with Pro Photographer Roy Todd

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Presented by Wholesale Photo Cafe & Tamron. This video series teaches tips & trick for shooting great macro close-up photography. Featuring professional photographer Roy Todd from San Diego.


balacau says:

I already have a Tamron 180mm F3.5 which I really love using. I am considering getting a 60mm F2 Tamron or Sigma 70mm F2.8 or perhaps even Sony’s own 50mm F2.8. Sigma also has their own 50/2.8 that’s pretty highly rated.

I’m at a loss of which to choose.

As far as the video goes, its just a shame this guy Roy Todd doesn’t also do reviews on lenses. Even just macro lenses. It’d be interesting to hear what he has to say about Tamron’s and the competition.

zoomlow says:

Are you sure you’e a pro? ur photos suggest otherwise lol

igetsmart says:

very poor video quality

saajidakram says:

Man, your video is awesome … but your photos are horrible

Mauricio Deiana says:

Hay algún modo de reproducir las voces en inglés al español??

redsoxsanter says:

not profesional!!!!!!!

amazinggadgets says:

What flash do you use? Is it cheap?

Erdin Redzic Redzicowszki says:

this guy cant be a professional 

YourBrodcastor says:

i Agree, and the best thing is that your talking about high quality, perfect professional pictures. HHHH

AOstudiosFILM says:

240. what was this filmed with? a potato?

FloTinaway says:

Used to have a Tamron macro but upgraded to a Fisher Price

progfan71 says:

If he is a “Pro” there is still hope for me!

tugrola says:

this video made me forget all i know about macro.

mindywa123 says:

Hey, the person who photographed you is a better photographer than you. Learn photography from him. BTW, who taught you composition? Go back to school and learn more. Buying a great camera doesn’t make you a great photographer….. Good luck for the future…

EuropeanPerson says:

some of your pictures really sucks,

adilmap says:

Yes it sure looks like a add.. also the picture what he shot were not that clear.

raja9wali says:

not bad for beginers…..

devonmale69 says:

Crap you never shoot at f/2 canon 100mm 2.8 is much better and on the 7D you get AI servo focusing as well….oh just seen this video is a advert ahhhhhhh

MrMAAKK says:

Try Canon 180 , you won’t look at Tamys and try Nikon 200 F4 ,you’ll forget all :))
btw ,does Tamron makes cameras too ?

Cagey75 says:

And you get retards looking up macro clips on youtube who claim to have no interest in it …

there’s some tits on here, Jesus.

Nice clip, too bad it’s wasted on numpties.

sofarsogood9 says:

Not really a pro, he can’t even choose the right gear for macro photography.

SuperAhmed1337 says:

4:1 and larger of living animals is so freaking easy, your mom…

PlasticSmile32 says:

240p We meet again…

plaady says:

you want my honest opinion. i really dont like any picture he has made. I don’t say i can do better. But i have seen a lot of non pro photographers shoot better frames then him.

Jeffrey Miller says:

Tamron is junk. If you want to macro, just rent a great canon/nikon lens for a day or the weekend. Chances are high that you won’t touch a macro lens very often anyway.

lanpetpet7 says:

Wow…how chuck norris became a photographer?

Munchmoncher says:

“Presented by Wholesale Photo Cafe & Tamron”
It’s in the description lol.

Detjo says:

lol – wtf!
I was about to say .. A pro photographer that uses Tamron lenses??
and then Tamron.com came up at the end. ADVERT!!!

175myles says:

@key00992233, You wouldn’t be able to Skype me, my phone number has the number “Zero” in it, so you would get confused.

key00992233 says:

well, no she didn’t two point oh and zero is the same thing. what’s your phone number? I’ll call you and you can talk shit to me.

175myles says:

@key00992233, Its not me that needs the teacher. My teachers knew the correct difference.

key00992233 says:

ahha… no it’s not. I think you are the one who needs a fucking teacher. How old are you, kid? TWO POINT ZERO AND TWO POINT OH IS THE SAME FUCKING THING!! Jeesus….

175myles says:

@key00992233, I’m talking about people being thick. Its like “Bought” and “Brought”.

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