Adobe Photoshop CS6 : Soft Skin Tutorial – [ Beginners ]

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Soft Skin Tutorial. Smooth Skin Tutorial – Photoshop Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe. 🙂 Twitter Website: Facebook http Audio file provided by


NewWorldOps says:

You’re welcome 🙂

Ondra Janoszewski says:

Thank you :-)

Axel Valladares says:

Oh ok. And I was wondering if you could do a How to: remoe stuf from pictures. like drinks and stuff like that. Thanks!

NewWorldOps says:

I usually use Google to find pics

Axel Valladares says:

Where do you download your HD pics?

saudiskills says:

this pic is already gud so can show it with sum other pic becoz when i tried it i didn c any change

intermision1 says:

in your paint tool your primary color must be white…cuz’ ive had the same problem.. ! so look carefully

Bianca Villarini says:

i followed every step it doesn’t work 🙁 it’s not blurring!

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XD thumbs up

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Whenever I see your video pop up in my sub box,I have to watch it right at that moment no matter what!

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Marry me? lol so hot and sing so good.

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I love your channel.

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nice and i loved the quality. 

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Thank you so much. No actions, no plugins. That’s what I’m looking for!

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You videos are very professional looking! Keep it up!

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Continuez votre bon travail compagnon!

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nice and i loved the quality. 

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This is brilliant

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did it took you a long time to make this,very good 🙂

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Very good I love, fingers up!

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