DSLR Mic Shootout: RØDE NTG-3 vs. the VideoMic Pro

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Hear the difference between the RØDE NTG-3 and the VideoMic Pro going into a Panasonic Lumix GH2 DSLR camera. Compare the sound of a mini-plug microphone plugging directly into the camera against a professional XLR shotgun going into a Sound Devices 302 mixer and then into the camera. I also compare the sound of these mics with the Audio Technica 4073a professional shotgun microphone. For a full report, please check out my blog post at www.sam-mallery.com


arifinukk says:

Hi Sam i hope you can hepl me choosing a headphone for field audio recorings ! What you have been using or fancy to use next

TheMuffinRises says:

Do you have a test of this outdoors? Like maybe cars and people in the background.

Sandy Shifer says:

you have a cool studio and thx for the vid

supercurioxda says:

Thanks for the A/B comparison: simple and efficient 🙂

Shixx xxihS says:

i have a question. why does the internal mic on my 600D not working? i can’t hear my voice.please, i really need your help :/

fresh4ever2000 says:

hi Sam, a NTG2 could be plugged directly into a DSLR using a XLR to 3.5mm adapter…. would that be a good setup?

SLRist says:

No competition against the Videomic Pro. The NTG-3 is an incredible microphone with fantastic reproduction. If you’re not hearing it in this presentation, I urge you to seek out other comparative tests.

modernwize says:

Any experience with the Sennheiser MKH-416? I’m thinking about that mic with my Canon 5d mark iii.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


IrfanKhokharFilms says:

nice review thanx .. like

Dmitry Shishkin says:

Great review. I tried to upgrade from MKE 400 to AT 897, but figured that if I am going to deal with a big mic anyways I’d better get a real good one. I considered getting ME 66 K6 for a while, but it seems like I am going for NTG-3 at this point even though it means spending extra money on a Juicedlink preamplifier. This review helped a lotI

SamMallery says:

Both the new VideoMic Pro and the older VideoMic sound about the same. The advantage of the new one is that it’s smaller, and it allows you to raise the volume +20dB or decrease it by -10dB. For me, this function makes it the better choice of the two.


the video mic pro can be plug into 550d right? and would you recommend that over the normal videomic?

SamMallery says:

The Rode NTG3 needs phantom power in order to operate. That’s why I plugged it into the field mixer for this video. You cannot plug it directly into your 550D. You’re best bet would be to get an XLR adapter like the juicedLink DT-454 or the Beachtek DXA-SLR.

SamMallery says:

I think the problem is that sometimes the 3.5mm jack on the camera doesn’t make a solid connection with the mic. I’ve had similar problems with my GH2. It’s one of the drawbacks of DSLR video. With no headphone output, we have no way of knowing what’s going on in the camera. I would just be more careful when you plug the mic in the camera, and if you’re doing an important shoot, I would record double system with an external recorder (making two copies of the audio).

SamMallery says:

I forget… I think it was the 14-42 kit lens, but it may have been my 20mm. Sorry!

TehFoxit says:

Nice stuff and all.. But I need some help.. Can I attatch the RØDE NTG-3 to my Canon 550D?
And does it need battery or anything? 🙂
Thanks in advance

jasedotcom says:

I am running a Rode NTG-2 directly into my Canon Rebel T3i into the stereo input in the camera with a 1.8″ mini cable with manuel audio control on. Sometimes, I get audio levels and sometimes the levels disappear completely and I get no sound. Do I need to use an XLR adapter to amplify the mic? Or is it likely there is something wrong with the mic/camera?

StupidlyRandom says:

Good comparison, thank you

JimUe1 says:

thanks for the review. you highlighted the differences quite well.

Boncrek says:

What lens was this shot on the GH2?

Boncrek says:

Well for the price the videomic pro sounds really good. The NTG-3 better do well because it costs twice as much.

shushko69 says:

haha i wrote this before I watched till the end 😛

shushko69 says:

I dont think all are that different, for the price difference they all are to similar

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