Landscape Photography Tips – What’s In My Bag

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Hi Everyone, Here is another landscape photography tip. You guys asked to know what is in my bag so in this video I walk you through them.


teksTomme says:

almost the same as my setup, 5DII – 17-40L – Sigma 50 and soon canon 70-200 f4 IS + hitech filters and lee holder ! great work on your seascape !

Danny McCormack says:

I found this video really useful.
Thank you

Peter B says:

Hi Jamie. First of all let me thank you for your great and very very helpful vids. Believe me with all your help my photography is improving, so thank you again.
I did notice in this video that you had a big stopper filter, can I ask were you got it from as I cant buy one anywhere at all. No one has them :~(
Thanks again Jami, keep up the great work.

charleswestwoodphoto says:

HI JAMIE… im fine thank you how are you? Its nice to see some simple pleasantries on youtube.

jpatersonphotography says:

I really not using any filters at all anymore.  I do use polarising filters but I seem to break them on an extremely regular basis for some reason so I may not have had any in my bag at the time. The 16-35mm lens is more than wide enough for me and as I tend to stitch my photos these days I don’t need to use the wide angle as often. How that helps. 🙂

jpatersonphotography says:

Most definitely do. So I tend it use it at around 18mm to 20mm. Also I don’t use filters that much anymore so when I don’t I may go to 16mm.

David Heaton says:

do you get any vignetting with the filters at 16mm?

gunputt says:

Hi Jamie,
I see that you didn’t bring out a polarising filter, i found that quite interesting. Do you have one but just forgot to bring it out, or do you not find it necessary? Also was expecting a super wide angle lens, seems to be quite popular with landscape/seascape photographers.
Great videos! Love your work!

jpatersonphotography says:

Its my personal opinion that primes are nearly always the way to go and they produce a much better result. I’d love to have all primes but I really don’t want to have to carry a bag full of primes it would just be too heavy on long walks.

The only other prime I would probably buy at this stage would be the 17mm TSE and if I did that I’d remove the 16-35mm.

leepaothao says:

do you think going all prime is much better or is your lens set up better?

I want to buy more gears this summer, don’t really know which way to go…

murphfishing says:

Very good and thanks for the info on the filters
keep up the good work, very helpful

jpatersonphotography says:

Thanks. Now that comment has made my day!

jpatersonphotography says:

I don’t do portraits anymore but its the original reason as to why I bought the 70-200mm. It was excellent for portraits.

V2SkiLLz0R says:

Thanks for update! Nice to hear from you again 🙂

deathdemon128 says:

i’m only envious of the 70 -200 coz i;ve heard and tried it for a great protriat lens

deathdemon128 says:

regardless of your equipment. I believe u can still produce great photos. the only difference is more expensive equipment makes the photographers day a lot easier. Recently the improvements in gear brought about the change that the photographer is the weakest link in the chain.

jpatersonphotography says:

I bet you could still get some pretty awesome photos with that gear. 🙂

jpatersonphotography says:

Hey Jarhead. Yeah I am pretty lucky. I love my gear so much and take it with me everywhere.


jarhead262 says:

fantastic equipment I would trade with you any time. lol

Lumixster says:

Whats in my bad? 😀 Hope nothing noty and only cams , kids close ur eyes lol

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