Zoom H1 as preamp! (JuicedLink alternative) + HT-320A, cheap lav mics and Tascam DR-08

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A must-watch audio comparison for anyone shooting on a budget! See pricing for all these: All items in an Amazon list (UK) – amzn.to Zoom H1 (US) – amzn.to Neewer microphone (US) amzn.to HT-320A on ebay (US) – rover.ebay.com HT-320A on ebay (UK): rover.ebay.com Thanks for watching! To see more of my work, and to get connected with me: Website: www.nitsan.info Blog www.nitsantv.wordpress.com Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com Google+: plus.google.com Flickr: www.flickr.com Vimeo: vimeo.com Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com


Razaul Karim says:

Hey, have you heard about “photo SFX art” (do a Google search for it)? On their website you can watch a good free video featuring the right way to shoot amazing pictures. This made it possible for Joe to shoot photos which have a wow-effect while you look at them. Perhaps it will work for you too…

ehab ghobara says:

, Excellent comparison THANK YOU for making this comparison

billbudde says:

I like the different Mic configurations that the H2n
offers over the limited Mic configurations of the H1.

Nitsan Simantov says:

if you dont need the USB mode that the h2n has i would send it back and get the H1. The H1 is overall better and cheaper. The H2 tends to be really quiet.

Nitsan Simantov says:

yes, with most recorders you can.

SysmicPhotography says:

Can you connect an headset to a recorder and while you record listen what your recording?

billbudde says:

I was interested in the Tascam till your review.
THANK YOU for making this comparison. I
ordered a Zoom H2n.

WhatTechShow says:

Tascam has a Tascam dr-05, which is the direct competitor to the zoom h1. I think its even better thant he zoom h1

Nitsan Simantov says:

welcome :)

Nitsan Simantov says:

Sony XB 700

Nitsan Simantov says:

it’s a custom cable that converts mono to stereo, i have a couple of tutorials about it on the channel.

Nitsan Simantov says:

They’re not that bad quality most of the time, just a sucky company that doesn’t care about customers. I definitely can’t recommend them.

Nitsan Simantov says:

It’s a custom cut cable. I have a couple of tutorials on the channel about it.

orpheuscna says:

At 03:57 what kind of cable/adapator you used to connect the HT-320A to the Zoom H1 as i see you didn’t seem to use the adaptor/cable included in the Package for HT-320A shotgun.

NorthernhutMagic says:

Very informative about tascam. You really made me laugh. If they are that bad. I definitely wont bother even checking out their range 🙂

Nitsan Simantov says:

It’s just a standard XLR calble which makes it mono that’s ok because the mic is mono anyways.
At the end there’s a custom XLR adaptor which makes it go to both channels, there’s a video on my channel on how to make that. you can also buy them for a few $.

JseanSSent says:

What kind of cord are you using to go from the boom to the H1? Is it mono to mono? Thanks

iPOwLinda says:

what headphones are those bro they look pretty sick

juanchin77 says:

Excellent comparison. Thanks a lot !

Nitsan Simantov says:

yeah it’s great like that. 🙂

SuperSetCA says:

Excellent comparison. It looks like it made quite a difference when your shotgun mic + zoom combo was plugged into the camera vs plugged into the zoom only.

JCsGamingChannel says:

yeah, their mics are ALWAYS so tinny.

Nitsan Simantov says:

Yeah i now avoid Tascam.

JCsGamingChannel says:

and its shit 😛

JCsGamingChannel says:


Nitsan Simantov says:

there was no difference whatsoever with the mics open. i dont have this anymore, sold it on ebay marked as faulty.

guitarguts666 says:

Good Test, but what I’m curious about is why you didn’t fan out the mics on the Tascam. The whole purpose for this unit is the mics need to be opened up on the sides of the unit then you can adjust their angle for pickup. The Zoom was nice and warm sounding. Also doesn’t the Tascam have a threaded bottom you could have mounted it on the JOBY. I think you should retest with the mics open. I’ve head other clips of the DR-08 online and they sound great.

blondegaijin says:

cannot believe HOW bad that Tascam DR-08 was…wow…

antlvk says:

The Tascam sound worst than a smartphone mic?!

ishibi says:

This is a very well-made review. Definitely helpful for my DSLR research. Thanks!

Daniel S says:

No problem. 🙂

Daniel S says:

Hey, just to let you know, the link you posted in the description for the HT-320A, the seller you linked on eBay appears to be no longer selling the HT-320A (right now, they have only windscreens for the microphones).

101MovieBuff says:

What adapter are you using to connect the HTDZ to the Zoom? Do you have a link?

KSPbb says:

you showed Voice
show bass boost
show the treble boost
show the Middle boost
everything sounds great!

error in the test
please try agaiт
thank you

KSPbb says:

Mini Microphone 1.35$ shows an excellent result not that you …
do not believe me? try setting

MediaUnlocked says:

any time man great video

MediaUnlocked says:

nice video man

lemmonsinmyeyes says:

Love the new intro man!

KSPbb says:

Tascam maximum level 35 … why not spinning manual settings? shit test

EdEditz says:

The Tascam is really bad!! My god. How can they even have this in their product line?
I’m using a Olympus WS-450S, a relatively cheap digital voice recorder and I have a small Sony stereo microphone. I glued an old Flash-shoe on the housing so I can mount it straight to the camera’s flash hotshoe and it works really well.

Krytikalmass says:

Well reviewed and tested. Thanks

101MovieBuff says:

Tascam should strike the DR08 from their products list if that’s what they all are like sound quality-wise, it sounds shocking even compared to the onboard Canon mic! Not that I was considering buying one, but I will not be getting myself one when it costs £20 more than the H1 and produces recordings that bad.

Richard Watson says:

One final note, could you do a comparison video between the HT-320A and the Rode Video Mic

Richard Watson says:

Question what is the name of the mount on your HT-320A

Shar4ie says:

Helpful Video, Is the HTDZ HT-320A microphone similar to the $20 shotgun mics on eBay? It’s just a little bit more, is it the same thing? but just rebranded?

Allan Barbosa says:

Thank you!!! It will help me a lot.

iPhoneiPadReview says:

The Zoom H1 sounded amazing comare to other mic! Could you please provide the link to the Neewer mic in the description? 🙂 Great review as always!

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