Action Photography using a Telephoto Lens – Canon 55-250mm & a CANON EOS 60D

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I bought this type of lens because this is all i can afford. For $300.00 it’s not bad.


2006jefrey says:

what did you say? not bad? 55-250 lens is one of the best lenses in canon on a telephoto category 18-55mm 55-250mm good choice kabayan oh for 60D you dont need that lens you should buy L lenses

r3v3rs3tWiLiT3 says:

I have this lens to use with my T2i and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bokeh it gives me in my shallow depth of field shots- I have videos that demonstrate this that are posted on YouTube,

yaka1221 says:

This lens canon ef-s 55-250mm is not the lens for high speed video or any high speed pictures cause the “f” stop is too high. If you wanna good lens that take high speed anything need to get a lens with a low f stop word is aperture. Good lens for you is canon 70-200mm is ii retail price about $2300+ tax or shop on eBay.

VladimirsMovieDen says:

alright …

Mohanad Lateef says:

I bought the 55-250mm lens for 83$

TrippySteps says:

you definitely should have your camera outside with the lens cap off. so much dust will get in it.

don ocampo says:

ayos ang 55-250

OneFoolShow says:

are you a filipino?

Stuart Bennett says:

where are the videos where they show u how the camera looks being shot.(videos)

keyslot24 says:

planning to buy 55-250mm lens within a few weeks.. please tell me.. MAGANDA BA ANG RESULT KAHIT MALAPIT UNG SHOT?? coz i’ve heard and read it that mostly mas maganda ang shot if you will use it in range and zoom..

adseybear says:

What you need to do taking the pics riding on the bike is to slow the shutter speed down, and pan the camera, this will blur the background to give the sense of motion, and keep the bike nice and sharp.

YIMMA996TT says:

Take it out of auto.

rheaMDC21 says:

— next time, super sooper sooper dooper awesome panning shot! Hehehehe

FaithfulTrigger says:

_wow! Super dooper dooper dooper good:-)

rheaMDC21 says:

— hahaha! sinabi mo pa. masyadong komplikado. Kailangan talaga marunong ka gumamit ng DSLR para talagang excellent ang picture quality. Kase kung d marunong ang kumukuha, wala rin. Eto, nag pra practice na nga ako. Tsaka daming binabasa how to take great photos. hehehe…

kepyas5 says:

kaya nga sa point and shoot camera na lang ako! to much gadget ito sa kin hehe!

rheaMDC21 says:

— oh yeah i will. hehehe

rheaMDC21 says:

— thanks for letting me know. i will be more careful next time. hehe..

CJAEY says:


Hey you should practice taking shots at Mulholland

criticsview says:

You should not let your camera body be exposed without the cover. Dust could enter it easily. Great camera choice.

xninjazx6r says:

waste of money

rheaMDC21 says:

— Oh yeah! hehehehe… ooopppsss… my bad. Thanks for letting me know. I will fix it now.

rheaMDC21 says:

— Thanks for the advice. How do you set the shutter speed lower than normal? Hehehehe…. I have no patinece reading the manual. Hehe…

ToastToGo says:

Learn about panning shots. set it to a slightly slower shutter speed and follow the moving subject with the camera while taking a shot. It’ makes for a cool affect where it looks like the bike is moving with the blurry background and wheels while the rest of the bike and person are in focus. Makes the picture have motion.

gsxrrock says:

In the information of this video, you wrote the lense costs only for $30 … hehehe. I think you meant $300 . I guess you forgot to put one more zero 🙂 But hey, even me, I can afford a $30 lense too :-) Nice pictures that you took with the new lense though, cheers!

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