BTS Fashion Photo Shoot

or copy the link Here’s a really fun behind-the-scenes time-lapse video my assistant Richie made on a recent photo shoot we did in New York City for Bass Shoes. This was a super-long day at a really sweet studio and in this video you guys get to see everything from set-up to break-down. There are so many moving parts to a shoot and so many people, but this was a great crew and we knocked it out. You can see how we setup the lights and modifiers, how we set up our workstation, how we would shoot then review with the art director and marketing folks, how the stylist set up the shots, me going up and down a ladder many, many, many times and a whole lot more. Throughout the video, I give a play by play account of how the day is going and what’s going on so that you can get a sense of what was happening. So sit back and enjoy this killer behind-the-scenes time-lapse video – I know I really enjoyed watching it myself! Please Subscribe and leave your questions and comments below.


Pedro Ângelo says:

Hey Adam, are you using only the Hasselblad now?

SuperBupi says:

Where can we see the final images ? =)

harrybean2006 says:

Very cool…thanks!

Greg Saveall says:

Clark Kent takes super photo’s

JIYkp says:

Is there any chance you know when we’ll be able to see the actual photos?

Steve K says:

Fun video, you’ll have to share some of the finished photos!

dwfgshdtjfyugh says:


weed46 says:

I wish I could have 1/4th of all that material…
God job adam 🙂

Jonathan Bell says:

It is nice to see this real world view! keeping it real Adam

gforce83 says:

Good to see you again Adam, It has been a long time

ritzman999 says:

I’m really looking forward to the flash photography video you and Jared are going to make. He mentioned it in his 2013 goals and predictions.

AdamLernerPhoto says:

4 heads on the background, octa key, giant softbox fill and strip as accent/fill. so 7 heads in total. 😉

lenhister says:

Hey Adam, you mentioned 8 lights going on but I saw only 2 lights being used for the products. Could you clarify the lighting setup, again? Many thanks!

love2lu says:

Cool vid Adam.
It’s fresh to watch the transition of the sun in the windows all the way to darkness.

a3w3m says:

Cool video and love the behind the scenes, but it would be nice if we could see what you were pointing at on your screen.

MrMisterYSL says:

Adam, you should create a video on studio photography work 101!

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