CANON EOS 60D DSLR camera – ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY (Tutorial video)

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The attached lens is a 18-135mm standard zoom. I am not a PRO. As a matter of fact, i am a NOOBY in DSLR world. I would like to thank the people who gave me good pointers on how to take great photos using a DLSR camera.


Carla Miaa says:

Hello there! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (search for it)? My buddy Jack made some amazing pics with their photography tutorials.

Drlilboy19 says:

thanks for the help

Mazin Bajalan says:

I Dont Get It , Why Do You People Dislike?
Good Job Bro

myragard says:

Where are your tutorials?

Niklas32602 says:

This Pictures you can Make with a 10 Years old camera and the cheapest objektiv 😉

ianann says:

He said he is a nooby.

TheSoviish says:

heheh. 69 dislikes xD

startphotography says:

Perfectly explained. Thanks!

shonenarts23 says:

you’re really good actually plus too i like to use canon 60D the best too

Dinahhs3 says:

More pls

Dinahhs3 says:

Thanks nice tips

sivakumaresan superamaniam says:

Very useful video. Tq bro.

Jhay Galvo says:

I saw a youtuber saying that mas maganda daw po ito for taking pictures sa sports.. 0,,o Is it true or maganda din ito sa mga ibang photography?

jaymarmarasigan says:

nice one bro i do the samething as you do.. thanks for this video

ilJACAil says:

i just got this camera yesterday and im filipino!!!!! :DD <- - - - yabang noh!

tilmuk says:

yabang 🙂

patricia2952 says:

Good tutorial, I wish more were like this. Show exactly what needs to be done to achieve a certain technique or effect

cliooz55 says:

hindi ka naman marunong kumuha ng picture ako nalang ang magturo sa iyo. magaral ka muna ok.

kdcphotojournalist says:

1.60, dpende sa style ng shoot na gusto mo.. 1/60 pwede gamitin sa sports, specially sa racing sports kung gs2 mo may panning effect ang photo na kalalabasan, kung gs2 mo naman frozen ang letrato, mas mabilis na shutter speed ang kailangan.

iamkevinism says:

kuya diba ang shutter speed pag nilagay sa 60 mabagal ang take ng pic? or suppose to be 1/60 yun shutter?

DJON LIE says:

thanks . very helpfull for me.

shubidubeto says:

i love his accent.
no hatred nor sarcasm attached.

Frost Breaker says:

ds equipment is mostly used in videos not in photos…

Frost Breaker says:

right dude a.i it is!!!!

krisin2012 says:

Good thanks for sharing

Rusty Yap says:

Thank for sharing this mea lot! I’m Rustico can you help me as well with my DSLR EOS 60D about on how to set my camera to a timer while having a 3-5 shooting? Hope somebody could teach me how?… My email ad Thank you!

Paddlefeet says:

Awesome! Job! Great instructions and your girl being a great sport :)

SynChrOPogi says:

dre pwede ba ako makagawa ng music video nito?

odnanref1100 says:

its not AL SERVO my friend, AI SERVO i guess….

Carlus D says:

Can anyone here tell me what DSLR Camera would you recommend for Moving Objects like cars and pets?

fortgreene31 says:

i would like to know which canon is better for shooting videos. A canon 60D or a canon xa10.

conflict0023 says:

pag sure!

SkyStudioVideography says:

I want a video SLR set up, so far i gathered the canon 60d 18-200 lens, 3 point continues soft box light set up seems the right way to go, can you advise me on any of this gear,

im shooting a music artist with a green screen background, gonna shoot outdoors as well later but its mainly for music videos.

sosvocaloid says:

yeah filipinos!

kdc111190 says:

I do advance photography with my 30D.. 🙂 or should I say, I do professional Photography with my 30D…
don’t rely too much on camera specs, rely on your skills 😀
my lens is not even a pro quality.. 🙂

kdc111190 says:

60D.. 😀

John Dennis says:

hahaha! Pinoy! AYOS PRE!!! Salamats!

SGMD84 says:

Depends on what type(s) of lens you want and the quality of the lens.

If you want average photos, you can get lenses in the $100-300 range.
If you want great photos, you’ll be looking in the $500-1000 range.
If you want amazing photos, think $1500+. Some long-range, fast lenses with image stabilization can cost over $10,000.

KkahluaHero says:

I heard this camera doesn’t come with the additional lenses, how much would it cost on top of the 1k?

ardanezrel says:

very nice advice.

magimusician says:

I just want to correct. Its AI (ai) Servo, not AL Servo.

KatanaTopple says:

Nice tutorial. I usually shoot still life but this may come in handy one day. Thanks! 🙂

mrinsanitii says:

Nice thank you pinoy pride love the bike shots

Gabsterboy says:

mabuhay ang pinoy! anu ba mas maganda overall? yung 600D or eto? 

gibor4975 says:

i used to own this camera but later swapped with nikon D7000. 60D’s noise performance in high ISO/low light is terrible. i missed the articulating screen & video quality but D7000 is way better in terms of image quality. i can shoot in high ISO using slow glass in available light. i dont use flash. Nikon is awesome but in some respect, canon rules.

b0Rink says:

3:51 wow .

incognitostatus says:

increase your shutter speed 😀

waackomann says:

You need to use a faster shutter speed !

janjerome tolentino says:

you should try the new tamron 18-270mm pzd.,.,maganda un mura pa.,.,

rheaMDC21 says:

— hehehe.. i was at the backyard. so when i said, lets go outside. i meant to head inside the house and go out at the front door. 🙂

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