Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 17: Sync Speed and Flash Duration

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In this episode Mark talks about sync speed and how to use a studio strobe to freeze action.


homer frasier says:

hi mark, where is the lecture wherein we can use longer fast duration on outdoors during daytime you mentioned in this video

mohamed abdel-hady says:

amazing explanation mark … thanks

nils sjoqvist says:

1 person has no camera

EntropiaMusic says:

Very helpful! thnx

Rafael Gomez says:

Mark at the end of the episode you said that we can see the product of your shoot in Fliker,com/adoramatv!!!! How can I access this photos? Can’t seam to be able to get there at all. Great Episode.

attila diallo says:

suuper talking..understandable..clean..informative…and sometimes those jokes are just makes me lough…but hey!!! TRUE TALKS… Thanx

decaxxx212 says:

hey…. I have some camera with curtains move horizontally.

MrMengaTV says:

The higher in shutters speed you go, the less time you give the curtains to do its job. It does not necessarily mean you need to shoot @ 1/200th of a second. Depending on your settings, the 2nd curtain dark spot can I appear anywhere from 1/160th-1/250th of a second. by reducing your shutter speed to lets say 1/60th of a second you can use your strobe to freeze the action (flash duration would dependent on your strobe ) its almost like the strobe flash duration is replacing your shutter speed

FrashatStudio says:

i still cant get why i sometimes get black photos and the camera keeps shooting at f0 by itself . i try to change the setting but it goes back to f0 when i shoot ( that is at a studio )

Richard Degenhart says:

Do you need a short duration 1/800 or faster 1/3200 where you speak off in the video


So Legit…Great explanation

geoffdoor says:

yeah its really good but what was the aperture setting on the camera it was 1/ 1/2 of a second so what was the aperture i use a multiblitz 200 watt heads really good but i need a light meter because bruce jones stole it …the fucking piss head knob head

PHOT0GUY says:

it’s the flash duration that freezes the action not the slow camera shutter speed.

PHOT0GUY says:

Not all cameras use a narrow slit at high speeds so they don’t need to use power wasting multiple flash fp modes or special flashguns, so they can be used at all speeds with studio strobes too e.g. Nikon D40, D50

MrOhrensausen says:

The Video is great. Thank you.
Does this mean, that the first curtain always needs about 1/200’th of a second to fully open? And the shutter speed only tells the second curtain how long to wait to follow the first curtain? This would mean, that every picture needs at 1/200’th of a second in total.
Thanks Chris

csohasri says:

u realy helping me on photography…

aoratosaspida says:

beautiful!!!…quick question. you showed when you shot in the dark with 1/2 second shutter speed, you resulted freezing the movement. my understanding is that will never happen, especially when she is dancing like that. did i understand wrong? i tried but still blurry (handheld)

Oscar Todd says:

Sad to see like a repetition before you were on Adorama. You alredy had given this class””……..

toshiroo says:

fast question : I dont know well what a strobe does, but
if I use a cobra flash ( as 430 ex II) and active high speed sync, it will work same? whatever i am in a studio or outdoor

lucasgaroto says:

i’m seeing all the videos that you made. they are all great. but this one is the best, so far =)


lamyeechiu says:

you have 114 likes and 0 dislike. impressive.

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kivilcim88 says:

Great video. I had just bought an SB-900 to make some strobist work at home and some of my pictures were completely black on different shutter speed and flash durations. I think I have started figuring it out now. Thank you!

tomekmisiewicz says:

thanks 4 d vids, u xplainn everything so cleary

Joseph Borg says:

Hi Mark. I have high speed sync on my speedlite. can this be used in this situation?
Also, where do I find flash duration info for my canon 580 ex ii?
thanks a lot 😉 

erics1959 says:

What about cameras that have high speed sync. How does this effect shutter shutter speed relative to flash sync.

MrKhan65 says:

Mark, this is the best explanation of this concept i have found anywhere.

VideoCast714 says:

Mark, Great Vid! I guess not all strobes allow for control of the flash speed. I have some photogenics strobes that don’t allow me to come close to my canon’s 1/250 sync speed. If so, I will start to see the black bar.

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