Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 20: On Location Flash

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Follow Mark on Twitter: @jmarkwallace In this episode Mark explains how to balance studio strobes with ambient light when shooting outside. Behind the scenes video:


lyshaboy4 says:

what type of metering in camera do you use for the background? spot, matrix, etc?

demad777 says:

Mark used the aperture dial to set correct exp.

Saleem Sadique says:

Hi Mark, when you pointed your camera at the tree to get the value of aperture, how did you do that when it was on manual mode??? Thanks.

amazinggadgets says:

Don’t forget 2 different color temperatures!!! I think this is more important!

EntropiaMusic says:

So helpful! Thank you Mark, great work!

José Campos says:

Hi Mark, great viedo!!! I wonder if you are using a speedlight in this case and no lightmeter how do you do it so the f-stop is synced with flash???
Tanks a lot,

jun ling says:

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CanecaProductions says:

How do you know what the aperture should be when you are exposing for the ambient light?

Jc Bravo says:

Mark every video is full of great info.

I wanted to ask you …
Is it possible to meter with out one of those expensive seconic light meters?
If it is how?

Thank you very much.

walkoncloud1974 says:

Hi Mark, Thank you so much for sharing the videos!

Plat4mDevelopment says:

Hi Mark,

Amazing job on these 1 on 1 Episodes! Thank you for all the knowledge I’ve gained.

Quick question for this episode, what should one set their white balance to? For the ambient light or for the artificial light (sun or strobes)? I believe sunlight (at sunset) would have a different color temperature than a strobe but I’m still learning.


edu3dw4rd says:

Hi Mark,
when you checked the aperture value, were you in program mode or manual?


predatorjoutube says:

whitch metering mode should I use?

hykugan says:

Hi Mark, when you pointed your camera at the tree to get the value of aperture, how did you do that when it was on manual mode??? Thanks.

leanneqld says:

What if you don’t have a Sekonic light meter?

82RFF says:


brekmoxx says:

Simple and great video, I stop watching others after seeing your channel ….

apo5 says:

Very useful, thanks for this video 🙂

vtarchitectdk says:

Ambient light is actually omnidirectional reflected light. It can be natural or artificial.

thorvold says:

What if the background is darker then your subject? How do you keep from blowing out your subject with the flash?

bambatadmi says:

Dear Mark,
You are GREAT.
I dont have the Profoto Acute B 600 R but have three Nikon SB 800 and triflash adapter and a diffusion box of small size, not as big as what you used in this demo. If i dont want to spend any money then could I use these SB 800 instead of this demonstrated setup. If yes, then do I have to buy the modulator for the sekonic 358 and the pocket wizard or just use the slave mode on all three sb 800.
Looking forward for your reply.
Thanks in advance.

Morfeas72 says:

…and what if I wish to use a ND4 filter? My camera would require 2 stops wider aperture. Should the flash be also set 2 stops higher than my flashmeter would indicate?

George Torres says:

What was the ISO set on?

josemx81 says:


toshiroo says:

Just a question if we use a cobra flash,
Am I right to say  :
– we set the aperture for the ambient light ( to expose the background)
– we set the flash for the subject ( knowing the aperture the flash will give us the speed)
If the speed is higher than 1/200s , I active high sync

snapfactory says:

I’m shooting with a Profoto Acuteb 600r. There is a link in the video description to the behind the scenes video showing the gear. You can buy the gear at Adorama.

jesutube007 says:

Lovely mark, i have a question.
Where is the source of energy for your power supply? Waht is it? and where can i buy one?
Thank you

lamyeechiu says:

I will favor Adorama for my shopping b/c it provides such useful tutorials for free. good marketing

John Oshaughnessy says:

Great tutorials all of them !  , If I’m using my Speedlite 580ex 11 and trying to balance Flash with Ambient Light,, and using a Flash Meter , Would I have to set the Speedlite on External Metering , Manual Mode, think its Custom mode 05 03
which allows the ISO and Av to be set on the Speedlite,

Kevin Dsouza says:

recently discovered your channel and Im LOVING it. Learning new things. Thanks

WynnonaXandra says:

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Manuel Fallah says:

mark thanks for your great video , and i”m intrested to buy lighting stuff as you show us as this video,i want to use it for outside anywhere whitout need any power, i need your information about this stuff, thanks for your respons

lg123xyz says:

I really like the super overexposed version, is that only possible with a very powerful flash?

Joseph Borg says:

Hi mark, can I achieve your same results using a 150W flash head?
or do I need higher wattage head?
thanks 😉

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