DSLR Camera – CANON EOS 60D w/ 18-135mm lens – ACTION PANNING Photography

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The best feature of this camera is the SWIVEL LCD SCREEN. 18MP, outstanding!


Derek Macdonald says:

type in snapfactory and watch digital factory video 1 on 1 and u will find a panning video and other things on how to use a dslr and and all it features

sweetwater921 says:

5:27 OOYYY!! Si battle Hopper yan brad ah.. 🙂

MacReviewzOnline says:

yeah, a filipino person reviewing a japanese camera in english on an international website? what’s wrong with that! it’s a good thing – consumer transparency i call it !

jabangun says:

Rhea, I’m also a motorbike fan and funny enough I am waiting for my EOS60D to arrive..lol Ride on bro!

Alex Kingcole says:


fortgreene31 says:

nice video and i love that canon. I have to get one this weekned. I make sure i get the one with the 18-135mm lens as well from B&H. Pretty wife you have as well. Take care peace and love

renz malaka says:

the last scene I like bast.

sebahabutube says:

if you want to pan shots, use manual focus and a high f-stop.
Let a subject, ie your wife, go on the street where the bikes come along. manually set focus on her. with a large f-stop number you can be sure you have enough depth of field and low shutter. . only shoot when your subject is at the place you focussed. exercise the movement keeping your cam steady on one axis.

ardew0999 says:

yo my brother
is 13
a canon 60d lover

Patrick Sodusta says:

kuya kaya ba ng super zoom lens ang “panning” kase sabi nila hindi kabilisan daw ang autofucos ng mga superzoom lens may balak kase akong bumili ng Tamron 18-270mm VC PZD……thanks kuya!!!

Arnan Carmelo says:

practice more dude. try to slow it more like 1/25 and up

Rory Christie says:

I’m paying off a Canon 60D but should iget the lens you got.Does it mke a big difference.also i am new to DSLR

jeremy23jacinto says:

dude should i wait 3-4 months till they release a new line of dslr?

luwegib says:

hell yh!!!

rheaMDC21 says:

— yep may FB. just search makabayan riders

jathskie16 says:

canon user din ako bro.. canon t1i ang gamit ko..may fb ka bro? canada ako bro ofw..dito na rin ako nakabili ng camera..

jathskie16 says:

sabi ko nga ba eh filipino eh…nice bro!

rashidkid says:

tol ung una mong mga kuha iba, 

MohammadAsiri says:

Great accent i like it. I can understand you clearly 😀

Bijan Dosi says:

i suggest getting in to HDR phtography, its called high dynamic range. Google for some good samples. Also you should check out a tool which is called photomatix which helps makes the HDR process very easy. Good video

x1337xCAZIE says:

I was just about to ask the same question hahaha. I saw the hat and i was like O.O

FunnyBoysFilms says:

I was looking at the different kit lenses, do you think the 18-135mm lens is the best one to go for ?

Moog167 says:

I love the Zildjian hat! You make my EOS Rebel look like a toy….lol

BTW you play drums?

tomproductions14 says:

Go Filipino Photographers!! 🙂 im 16 and i Love Canon 60D 🙂

redgrappler says:

Just got mine and loving it. Thanks for these vids. Can you do more with settings you use?

ClancyTehSock says:

nice placement of helmets douche

foreverlip says:

i just got mine, open the box and tried it.. using AUTO mode took some pictures.. but it looks blurry and pictures are not good.. too bright.. this is auto mode. this is my first DSLR… and i am totally new to DSLR. salmat..

rheaMDC21 says:

– thanks man!!

nuts4buts714 says:

what about the accent? he sounds fine to me. his english grammar is clear. thanks for the video post rheaMDC21. keep it up.

incognitostatus says:

sabi na nga ba pinoy e haha

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