DSLR Tutorial: How to make a timelapse!

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Facebook: facebook.com More DSLR Tutorials only here: youtube.com Learn how to shoot a timelapse: In this “how to” video we’ll tell you everything you should know when taking a timelapse. There are two different techniques. The first way is simple, recording video. The other technique is the professional way: Taking photos. In post you put every frame after another to generate a film sequence. If you’ve learned something in this tutorial video, let us know! Voice Over: Moritz Janisch Copyright 2012 by Fenchel & Janisch Filmproduktion GbR Twitter: twitter.com More DSLR videos on our channel: www.youtube.com Official website: www.fenchel-janisch.com


Thomas Smith says:

Hello there, do you know “photo SFX art” (google it)? There you can watch a useful free video demonstrating the best way to make better pictures. It made it easier for Daniel to make photographs that have that jaw-dropping-effect after you look at them. It may work for you too…

scorpionking2115 says:


stevestribe74 says:

you can use Lightroom 3 or Photoshop Elements 6

chuletasexy says:

Im having trouble finding a good quality intervalometer for my Nikon D3200. Can you tell me where to find a good one, or if the one used in the video works with my D3200? Much appreciated!

DieBastler1234 says:

yes, but filmriot made a great tutorial about that.

lg, couka

feAr636 says:

can you do colour grading?

DieBastler1234 says:

VirtualDub. Import the first frame, all of them will be imported automatically. Change Framerate and add “resizze” Filter. Then Export to AVI.
Enjoy 🙂

scorpionking2115 says:

great vid..how can i convert hundreds of photos into time lapse and what software do i need.thanks ..

Beldie Virgil says:

Danke, merci  …..

tanvir433 says:

You have a really annoying vice.No offense.

Andrew Studer says:

Hey, I know it’s kind of lame to be doing this, but I have spent the last 10 months filming for a time-lapse film on my channel. I am a 17 year old aspiring filmmaker and it would mean a lot to me if you checked out the trailer I posted yesterday. I would really appreciate it! Merry Christmas!

Anirudh Devathirajan says:

Can Nyone tell me pleas 🙁

Anirudh Devathirajan says:

Hmmm.can u take time lapse vids for day to night transitions without a timer??

Norman Effendi says:

but what about fps???

Abhinav Yadav says:

your text to voice software is awesome 😀

Juan Rios says:

Awesome Thanks.

Aggro Schlumpf says:

Ähm, schönes Video! Jedoch leben wir doch immer noch in Deutschland, wieso wird dann nicht Deutsch gesprochen? Nicht falsch verstehen, aber englischsprachige Videos gibt es genug. Ich hab es trotzdem verstanden 🙂

BobsiArtistOfficial says:

Whats up guys, Ive just uploaded my DEBUT music video on my channel and would LOVE for you to watch it and respond with some feedback. Thanks!

TotiiChannel says:

Gehört die EOS 650D auch noch zum Mittelklassen-Segment ?

Jelle Ruben says:

Still photo making in a video mode?

JohntheDrumBum says:

Verrry nice tutorial.

bimeyko299 says:

thank you for this incredible tutorial

willmcinnes64 says:

were these time lapses taken on a dolly or is the image being moved in post production (ie ken burns effect)? you mentioned that if you take high res photos, you can zoom in.. are you using this to create the moving effect?

Marco Rohon O'Halloran says:

Very professional videos!

Bruno Clyde says:

HELP !!! can someone show me how to set up my camera first to use my timer remote control work??… i got one from Ebay but doesn’t work. Its the controller defective or is my camera setting??? (Nikon D7000)
Actually the controller turn on, everything I can see on the display looks normal. But when I try pushing the shutter-release button nothing happen.
I put my camera on Manual and Bulb… anything else i need to change on my camera???

amarguitarplayer says:

okeey, thank you!

AlfaShedar says:

sure ..its save..but in ur case i will instal full Digital Solution disc fomr Canon ..where u got EOS utility..with this software u can start recording time lapses with out extra remote control or anything..just ur camera (D600) igot it to 🙂 . With this EOS Utility u can shots ur time laps shots and talk to camera by EOS SOLUTION Software to save them STRIGHT on Your Computer .or PC+ Memory Card or just card 🙂 . so u can shoting shots how many free space u got on your pc 🙂 all night ? 😀

AlfaShedar says:

yes its possible..but remember one thing…Adobe products works mostyl on CPU ( how far i remember ) Sony Vegas most on RAM …i dont thing ur Affter Effect will like soem 600 files project where single file got propadly 20mb per file.. u realy thing u got fast enought Computer for this ? i sugest Sony Vegas..it is so similar and works muche more faster..yep.hard to believe how SonyVegas Dont Care aboteu number of files and size of them,

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