High Fashion Male Model Photo Shoot – Joe Woodson

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Like me on FaceBook www.FaceBook.com High Fashion Photo Shoot with Male Model, Joe Woodson. This was Joe’s 1st professional photo shoot. He performed like a supermodel. Photography by Arthur St. John. www.arthurstjohn.com Photographer ARTHUR ST. JOHN www.arthurstjohn.com Model JOE WOODSON Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist BILLIE NATASHA Video Editor DAVID ANTHONIE http


pol mwas says:

hot hot!!!

isaac somuah says:


fateless78 says:

mind ur own business moron

PersianGangamStyle says:

such amaazing colors and editing

jreezy18 says:

Well excuse me for not tailoring my language to the sensitivities of random people on YouTube. I had no disrespectful intentions with my comment, that’s just my chosen dialect towards someone I know.

Everton Ricketts says:

Great Photo Shoot.

beautyfullones says:


Sub Way says:

he looks like a male supermodel

Palos Verdes says:


jreezy18 says:

No I haven’t seen that before.

Chris Wood says:

lol no? have u not seen poolhall junkies? that was a quote from it.

jreezy18 says:

U mad? Lol.

Chris Wood says:

“Oh my nigger Joe”
“No, no you can’t call me him that. Ya see I’ve know “my nigga Joe” since he was knee high to a duck!”

AlphaMaleModeling says:

Great photo shoot, model did an excellent job! Be sure you check out our page & let us know what you think about the photo’s in our video’s.

@AlphaMaleModels on Twitter

Alpha Male Models

shouldyray says:


BmoreHOTness says:

Very artistic and fashion forward work.

Deon Foster says:

I love this photo shoot. Awesome! Joe what did you use to put in your hair?

THSimagery says:


Dave Bousfield says:

Great fashion photography for men

143eyeLoveYou says:

great visual settings and post work.

SoUThinkUCanModel says:

Joe Woodson can definitely model. Great work Arthur. Big Fan of your work here!

HDvideoEditor says:

amazing post work .

BubbleGumPopQueen says:

hot photoshoot. stunning video!


so cool. love it.

AlahaJan says:

I looove your photographyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna learnnnnn :((((

MissChanelBrown says:

hot model

TheAthenadanielle says:

High End Work.

atoproducer says:

love the energy on your shoots…. so vibrant !!!!! bless you!

Love4Models310 says:

you shoot so well. so many different locations and looks, all in a day’s work ! major props! keep it up, love watching your videos! so inspiring! (goose bumps).

hotshotpowerboy says:

amazing photos and video! love the editing!

SuperPassion4fashion says:

model is sexy hot !!! love how you captured his look on camera!!!!!

PhotographyLifeStyle says:

you shoot men just as good as you shoot women. top notch!

paulsanchez35 says:

High End Photography – as Always !

arthurstjohn says:

yes, combination of white balance, gold reflector for a warm look, flash, and ofcourse – post.

MakeMeLaughHaHa says:


1souleagle says:

Is it the light that gives his skin that “effect”?

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